CarniSlim Review

CarniSlim is a weight loss supplement brought to you by Pro-Caps Labs, a well known vitamin and supplement provider that has been providing the industry with a variety of solutions for over thirty years.

Although Pro-Caps doesn’t necessarily specialize in weight loss, their pride and joy of the department, CarniSlim has been making pretty big waves in the market for several years as it appears to be the perfect blend of new science and classic actives.

What makes CarniSlim so appealing to us is that the makers don’t implement some of the new techniques being used in the vitamin world today that are well, less desirable, such as compression and long lists of fillers. Not only that but the makers are also extremely forthcoming when it comes to what’s inside as they offer a surplus of information through their official website so you can be sure you know exactly what it is you are putting inside your body each day. As promising as CarniSlim sounds, that doesn’t mean we can automatically write it off as the right choice for you, let’s now take a closer look inside the formula to find out if it’s the solution you have been waiting for.

How Do You Use CarniSlim?

Whether or not a product is simple and easy to use can largely dictate ones willingness to buy as we all seem to have extremely busy schedules to tend to these days. Unfortunately we can’t gauge the convenience of the product at this time as the specifics regarding usage and dose are not offered through the official website for the product.

How Does CarniSlim Work?

What the official website does offer however is a surplus of information regarding how the CarniSlim formula works, something most makers tend to hold back on in hopes of you making an uneducated purchase. You can view detailed information, including percentages, regarding what is inside the formula on the official website along with a general overview of how these actives work towards providing you with the desired results.

Unfortunately when it comes to specifics, we aren’t left quite as impressed. As the name suggests, the main driving force behind this formula is Carnitine. It’s true, this amino acid has to some degree been linked to weight loss. For the most part however it has been said to eliminate cellulite, which although this is appealing, isn’t the products aim. This being said, there are no clinical trials or testing results to back up either claim and at that rate, the formula only contains 250mg of the stuff, not enough to make much of a difference regardless. As for the rest of the ingredients, none of them are directly linked with proven weight loss results either, a disappointing discovery.

Should You Purchase CarniSlim?

Although CarniSlim does offer a promising amount of results as well as a high approval rating by customers, the formula itself doesn’t really seem to have much going for it in ways of proven effectiveness. We recommend you look for a similar option that comes with more bang for your buck.

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CarniSlim User Reviews

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    If you are prepared to spend quite a lot of money on this, then get hdooia (make sure it’s real, NOT fake!) It really does work!Now, i’m not telling what to do, this is just a general warning. When you stop taking the diet pills you will have a harder time keeping the weight off. Please take this into account and plan to eat a little less or exercise a little more when you come off the pills until you’re sure your weight is stable. Also make sure you eat a little more protein also so you keep losing fat and not muscle when you take the pills. Good luck with your weight loss!

    November 23, 2012 at 9:24 am
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    I have to say, that the minerals in geerns and making green blended drinks is helping me to eat more fruit at night and really love eating fruit more..wehn I have too much fruit during the day, I kind of don’t want to see it again at night so eating vegggies in the day really helps..or non sweet fruits like tomatoes. b/c I am really more hungry at night so if I eat sweet fruits at night, I tend to get full from the suagars and fiber and the calories of course. Good luck!

    November 25, 2012 at 2:26 am

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