Cheetah Power Surge Review

Cheetah Power SurgeCheetah Power Surge claims to give you the fast acting, long lasting solution to your problems. If you feel fatigued, feel that your memory is constantly failing, or you are sick of the “caffeine crash”, Cheetah Power Surge provides a new alternative.

They claim that Cheetah Power Surge tastes great, and they have 3 separate formulas: a regular formula, a diet formula, and a high octane formula. And it will supposedly improve memory, circulation, and mental fatigue with no caffeine and no side effects! But let’s look a little closer to see how Cheetah Power Surge actually works.

Cheetah Power Surge Ingredients

Cheetah Power Surge ingredients include Chinese ginseng, Gingko biloba, and Royal jelly.

The Truth

Cheetah Power Surge uses a blend of just 3 basic ingredients, regardless of which formula you happen to use. The only thing that varies is taste. These 3 ingredients are among the most powerful options that can enhance brain function and mental energy. Ingredients like gingko biloba and royal jelly specifically work to improve the way the mind works.

And Chinese ginseng, while also improving feelings of wellbeing, uses caffeine to promote physical energy. Of course, this goes against their most basic claim. They specifically say that they do not use caffeine, nor does it cause jitters or other problems. But obviously, this counteracts that effect.

Do You Get All of the Benefits of Chinese Ginseng?

The good news is that it can still promote higher energy levels, and it can still promote greater feelings of wellbeing. But the bad news is that they don’t have the clinically proven 400mg to promote fat burning. This is the primary reason why Cheetah Power Surge does not claim to promote weight loss results.


Cheetah Power Surge is a natural energy drink sold exclusively in Canada. So chances are, the average dieter or individual will never actually try it. But if you do have the chance to try it, is has ingredients clinically proven to enhance both physical and mental energy.

It never assessed itself to be a powerful weight loss formula. But while its claims are obviously modest, Cheetah Power Surge is one of the few products that we can honestly say is actually designed to promote the results that they have described.

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