Chili Burn Review

If you’re sick of caffeine based diet pills that cause side effects but don’t actually help you to lose weight, you’re not alone. There are quite a few diet pills out there that simply aren’t up to par. You can exhaust yourself trying to find an excuse to stick to the old standards, but why? If something is not effective for you, try something else, right?

That’s where Chili Burn comes in. Chili Burn is a natural diet pill based on an ingredient that is not only completely stimulant free, this ingredient has actually been clinically proven to promote a thermogenic fat burning effect without caffeine! Of course, Chili Burn has other ingredients, which include caffeine found in green tea, but the point is that this blend relies on a relatively unknown ingredient to promote weight loss.

Do Chili Burn’s Ingredients Actually Promote Weight Loss?

The obvious answer is yes. Not all of Chili Burn’s ingredients are actually proven to promote weight loss, but green tea and chili pepper definitely are. Both of these ingredients have been independently proven to increase thermogenic fat burning. When used in the clinically proven doses, there is no reason to think that green tea alone wouldn’t burn fat.

The fat burning effects of chili pepper are still pretty mild, but as a complementary ingredient, chili makes sense.

The Other Ingredients

The other ingredients in Chili Burn are not considered to be weight loss ingredients. Peppermint and ginger root for example can reduce inflammation and calm an upset stomach, which is great if you suffer from indigestion for example. However, these ingredients have never been clinically proven to burn fat or promote weight loss. Likewise, dill is known for being rich in essential vitamins and other nutrients, but this ingredient again has never actually been proven to promote weight loss.

Is Chili Burn’s Formula Strong Enough?

Chili Burn uses 2 clinically proven fat burners, one of which has been through hundreds of valid clinical studies. You would think this would be enough. The other ingredients are just there as extra dressing. However, there is one other thing to consider. In order to lose weight with any ingredient, you need to have the clinically proven amounts.

Studies on Chili show that you could get away with using small amounts, but you only see relatively small differences. Green tea requires at least 400mg, which is ideal for both fat burning and antioxidant benefits. So far, Chili Burn has not proven that the formula has that 400mg or even 200mg. Unfortunately, we do need to be sure. Otherwise, we can only assume that Chili Burn does not actually have the clinically proven doses to promote weight loss.

Is Chili Burn Worth It?

Even with smaller amounts of green tea, Chili Burn could still promote healthy antioxidant benefits, which could improve your heart health. However, the weight loss benefits of Chili Burn are a little more fickle. You do actually need 400mg of green tea to get any proven weight loss benefits at all, and Chili Burn does not seem to have that amount.

Green tea is currently the only significant weight loss ingredient in Chili Burn. Even the key ingredient, chili pepper, is only known for mild effects at best. Based on all of this, we have some serious concerns about Chili Burn, and we don’t see this product producing amazing weight loss any time soon. However, if you are in it for the health benefits, Chili Burn does have plenty of ingredients that could possibly help you there.

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