Chitoglucan Review

You need an ingredient that not only binds and blocks the fats from your foods so you can lower caloric intake, but something that also oxidizes and burns existing fat—especially in problem areas like the stomach.

In the past one of the most well-known fat binders/blockers has been Chitosan, but unfortunately it proved ineffective and hazardous to dieters allergic to shellfish.

Not so with safe new Chitoglucan. Proven in numerous test studies to decrease overall BMI and harmful visceral (gut) and waistline fat, Chitoglucan comes naturally from mushrooms!

And unlike Chitosan, which requires upwards of 3,000 mg a day, you only need 300 mg of Chitoglucan to receive effective, working dose!

What is Chitoglucan?

As stated, Chitoglucan is derived from mushrooms. Amongst its components are two powerful agents, both proven to help eliminate fat.

The first, vegetal chitosan, goes immediately to work preventing the body from absorbing fat in the digestive tract. This obviously cuts back on the consumption of fat calories and stops you from gaining additional weight.

The second is fatty acid complex. This powerful agent has a number of weapons in its arsenal; it breaks down mature fat so it can be burned for energy, and is also being found to play an important role in boosting metabolism.

A healthy metabolism increases–fat burning!!!

Chitoglucan Further Benefits

In addition to binding, blocking, breaking down and burning fat, Chitoglucan brings a variety of other health benefits to the table.

These include:

• Improving digestive tract health
• Which in turn increases immunity and disease prevention
• Lowering LDL cholesterol
• Improving heart health
• Lowering blood glucose levels (which can prevent over-eating and snacking)

Watch for Chitoglucan in top diet pills soon!

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