Chocolate Aroma Wrap Review

Chocolate Aroma WrapAre you tired of a sagging butt, that flubber-like substance hanging around your belly or even jello arms? As we age, our skin begins to lose its elasticity and it becomes tricky to keep our bodies looking youthful. The Chocolate Aroma Wrap from ShapeChangers could be the solution you have been looking for.

Let’s take a closer look and see what exactly the Chocolate Aroma Wrap can do for you.

The Product

This product was specially designed for clients who want to lose inches and tighten their bodies in just an hour. The aroma wraps are made using a unique sea clay formula with the infusion of essential oils. There are three aromas available; orange, rose absolute, and chocolate.

The aroma of chocolate has been said to leave the patient feeling more full and satisfied after receiving the wrap even though they never had a single bite of chocolate.

The unique sea clay found in the formula aids in the rapid break-down and elimination of fatty deposits causing cellulite.

Advantages of the Chocolate Aroma Wrap

Users say that with just one treatment you can bust away inches as well as tighten, firm and sculpt your body.

The wrap can be applied anywhere you are experiencing loose skin or cellulite.

Because this wrap is not based on water loss, you can continue to drink fluids and you won’t have to worry about gaining back the lost inches. In fact, ShapeChangers say that continuing to up your fluid intake will actually be beneficial in cleaning out remaining toxins in the body.

Disadvantages of the Chocolate Aroma Wrap

There are always of course risks associated with allergies. Be sure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients before participating in a body wrap of this nature. These types of wraps have also been known to cause itchiness and some light redness and irritation.

Additionally we have not been able to find any clinical research or consumer reviews on the product.

What We Think

This chocolate aroma wrap can indeed do what it says it does. It will reduce your inches, and possibly like it advertises on the website help you drop an entire dress size. However, this isn’t actual weight loss so if you gain weight you may see these inches and loose skin return just as quickly as they went away. It is not a bad price for the product so we would suggest giving it a try.

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