Chocolate Banana Sida Cordifolia Review

Whether used as a marketing tool or simply because the manufacturers have as big a sweet tooth as the rest of us, Chocolate Banana is a company that has manufactured some weight loss supplements.

One of them, Chocolate Banana Sida Cordifolia, has been marketed as a fat burner and appetite suppressant. I know that a lot of fat burners promise results, but are not effective or safe as Fenphedrine and other top rated products, so I decided to see what Chocolate Banana Sida Cordifolia had in store.

Chocolate Banana Sida Cordifolia Formula

The manufacturers of Chocolate Banana Sida Cordifolia use two main ingredients. The first is, naturally, Sida Cordifolia, which has been used for many different reasons in the past.

It is used here because it contains ephedrine, the stimulant known for speed up metabolism and increasing the body’s core temperature. Through these processes, Sida Cordifolia is able to help you burn through fat stores and lose weight.

Ephedrine is well known as a powerful stimulant and has been in products in the past. It is important to note, however, that most of these products have now been discontinued because of their potency.

The supplement uses Guarana as well, which is a common ingredient in weight loss supplements because it contains caffeine.

Putting these stimulants together allows Chocolate Banana Sida Cordifolia to become a potent thermogenic and stimulant.

However, the potency of these ingredients makes me wonder whether there are any side effects, and how severe they would be.

Side Effects

Upon investigation, I found a long list of side effects connected with Chocolate Banana Sida Cordifolia. Many of them are slightly irritating, but some can actually be quite dangerous or life-threatening.

Some of them include: pain, gastrointestinal bleeding, liver toxicity, rash, dizziness, higher blood pressure, ringing in the ears, and cramping. I don’t know about you, but I would not be very willing to trade a few pounds for other aspects of health, especially when there are other simple ways to burn more calories.

These side effects are intensified for those that are more susceptible to violent reactions to stimulants.


I have to say that Chocolate Banana Sida Cordifolia is very likely to be effective when helping you to lose weight, but I am not impressed by how dangerous it can potentially be.

Also, I could not find any guarantees provided by the company, which makes me a little more suspicious about the company reputability. True, they have a tasty title, but they may not have much else to offer.

I suggest looking for weight loss supplements that are effective and have clinically proven ingredients and dosages. In that way, you are far more likely to see results and remain safe.

For example, Fenphedrine is powerful and uses reputable ingredients. Giving good results and ingredients with few side effects is something to look for in a fat burner, and Fenphedrine gives these benefits.

Though Chocolate Banana Sida Cordifolia uses ingredients that are also added into other types of weight loss supplements, it combines too much power and not enough regulation to promote good health.

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