Controlled Labs CLAmore Review


Fat burning and lean muscle growth is essential for achieving real and lasting weight loss, and that’s just what Controlled Labs CLAmore promises to do.

CLAmore operates under the belief that conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) is an effective weight loss agent that burns fat and spurs muscle growth. While its marketers make vague promises, however, CLA itself is widely believed to be effective.

Has Controlled Labs really harnessed the power of CLA in CLAmore? I’ll attempt to find out in this review—read on for ingredient and pricing information as well as a list of pros and cons to using this product.

What’s in Controlled Labs CLAmore?

Truly a one-ingredient formula, Controlled Labs utilizes 1000mg of CLA derived from safflower oil. Advertised as more effective than sunflower-based CLA, safflower oil CLA will promote belly firmness, healthy fatty acid composition, fat burning, weight loss, and muscle growth.

This ingredient has been proven effective in 35 clinical studies in both animals and humans. It supports weight loss at about one pound every five weeks and an increase in lean muscle mass of one percent every week.

How Do I Use CLAmore?

CLAmore comes in a bottle of 90 softgels, intended to be taken in doses of one or two softgels three times a day before meals. However, you can take CLAmore at any time of day if more convenient.

Make sure to drink at least one gallon of water per day and partake in a moderate to high carbohydrate diet for the best results.
Used this way, CLAmore, should last you about a month before you need to reorder.


• Contains an effective dose of clinically-proven CLA
• CLA is generally safe for people between the ages of 18 and 50 who are not excessively overweight
• Customer review of CLAmore are positive overall
• Supports safe and measured weight loss as well as lean muscle mass growth
• Fairly inexpensive at $14.99 for a bottle of 90 softgels
• Easy to take, and can be taken at any time of the day


• Unsafe for obese or excessively overweight people, showing worsened insulin resistance and a higher chance of diabetes
• Some studies supporting CLA were too short to be certain and others involved other supplements
• Some customers say CLAmore causes unpleasant gas
• Doesn’t support significant or fat weight loss
• Significant diet and exercise required for any effects to be shown

The Final Call

Controlled Labs CLAmore provides a moderately effective weight loss supplement to be used alongside traditional diet and exercise. It’s fairly inexpensive and will give you a desired change.

However, if you’re looking for fast weight loss or a pill that will deliver extraordinary results, this one isn’t the one for you. CLAmore is a basic pill with modest goals and doesn’t contain stimulating ingredients that produce noticeable differences right away.

But if you’re patient and looking for a non-stimulating supplement, Controlled Labs CLAmore is a safe choice.

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