CortiSlim Advanced Review

CortiSlim Advanced More often than not, weight gain comes as result of stress. When we are stressed, a hormone called cortisol is released that increases our appetite. An increased appetite leads to more eating, which leads to gaining weight.

CortiSlim Advanced is a product that battles weight gain by battling stress. They have put together three complexes to lower stress levels, increase calorie burning, and decreasing fat storage.

CortiSlim Advanced Background

CortiSlim Avanced stemmed from a product and company called CortiSlim. CortiSlim became a fast growing diet pill in 2003, and since they have continued to build upon that product.

All of their products are dedicated to helping people lose weight, de-stress, and get fit. They sell their products online, but they also sell it at places like GNC and Walgreens.

CortiSlim Advanced is based off of CortiSlim Original. CortiSlim Advanced is a new and improved formula that has added ingredients to make it more effective.

Ingredient Information

CortiSlim Advanced comes with three major proprietary blends. Now keep in mind that proprietary blends can be risky. You never really know how much of each ingredient is provided. But the dosage of each proprietary blend is high enough that we think it has enough to be effective.

The first blend is made up of ingredients that are targeted towards boosting the metabolism and burning calories. It will also increase energy levels. Some of these ingredients are Green Tea Extract, Caffeine, and ThermoDiamine, and Cocoa Extract. All of these ingredients have been proven improve stamina during workouts and burn extra calories.

The second blend is formulated to decrease stress levels. It has calming ingredients like Chamomile and Vinpocetine. Both have been used as sleep aids. They also help stop the cravings that come with stress.

The third blend keeps glucose from being stored as fat. It takes glucose and breaks it down into energy instead of fat. These ingredients are Banaba Leaf, Cinnamon, and Alpha Lipoic Acid.

Are there any Side Effects?

There aren’t any major side effects to worry about when taking CortiSlim Advanced, but because of the Caffeine and other stimulants, you may experience headaches, nausea, and restlessness.

Would we recommend it?

Even though the dosages of the proprietary blends make us a little nervous, we do recommend trying CortiSlim Advanced. A lot of the ingredients have been clinically proven to work, and the combination of treating stress and weight loss seems pretty impressive.

We would have liked to see more consumer reviews out there to get a better idea of how this product actually shapes up in the real world, but CortiSlim is a well-known brand. Their products have a pretty good reputation.

We wish that this product came with a money back guarantee, and if it works as good as it claims, they shouldn’t be hesitant to have one.

But for the most part, we feel like this is a product that you can trust. All signs point to CortiSlim Advanced giving you results.

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