CortiSlim Review


One of the few products to survive the cortisol breakdown, CortiSlim was shut down by the FTC, because of their claims about reducing cortisol levels. They were basically saying that you could lose weight without diet and exercise, and ultimately speaking, they were talking about various other things that simply are not actually true. Cortisol buildup is a medical disorder and a very serious and rare one.

This being said, they did not have anything to promote any weight loss, let alone fight this rare problem. But since then, they have revamped, and the question is, what does CortiSlim do now?

Cortislim ingredients include vitamin C, calcium; chromium; vanadium; banana leaf extract, green tea extract, bitter orange peel extract, magnolia bark extract, theanine, and betasitosterol.

The Truth

Now while CortiSlim may like you to think that they have revamped and otherwise, they do not actually have what you would need. CortiSlim still does not have any real weight loss ingredients, instead using sleep aids and other relaxants. These ingredients do not actually promote any greater fat burning, nor does anything really target belly fat anyway. They are still relying on the idea of reducing stress to promote weight loss. But it’s of little consequence at best.

We would not waste our time or money on CortiSlim. It does not promote weight loss, and it does not promote any other related benefits in general. Realistically speaking, it is not all that they promise it will be or anything near that. This being said, we would definitely recommend that you use something else.

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