Cylodyn Review

cylodynLooks like TruDerma yet another manufacturer that is wholeheartedly committed to the HCG bandwagon, releasing yet another supplement designed to help you lose more weight than ever before: Cylodyn.

HCG products are making a lot of attention in the media these days due to the fact that the diet has helped individuals lose extreme amounts of weight in a short amount of time, but considering the fact that HCG is an unproven pregnancy hormone, many consumers are a little wary to try such a weight loss technique.

Cylodyn, however, overcomes this problem by offering all the amino acids found in HCG without the actual hormone, so you can supposedly get all the fat-burning benefits without the risk.

Yet is Cylodyn as effective as manufacturers make it out to be? And can it really compete with leading fat burners and appetite suppressants such as Apidextra? Let’s take a closer look as to what it has to offer.

Under the Lid

As mentioned before, Cylodyn offers a wide variety of amino acids, which is always a perk when it comes to promoting lean muscle mass and staying in tip top performance while losing weight. Amino acids are essential for the formation of proteins and hormones, and sometimes it can be difficult to get all the amino acids you need to stay healthy.

Additionally, Cylodyn provides consumers with solid ingredients for weight loss that are featured in numerous other successful products such as Apidextra. Some of the ingredients are listed below.

Caffeine: is known for interacting with adenosine receptors in the central nervous system, effectively blocking them to promote a “fight or flight” response in the body. While in this state, your body naturally increases caloric expenditure, so you can lose weight fast.

Cissus: is popular among bodybuilding supplements due to its abilities to reduce muscle recovery time, making it easier to get back in the gym after an intense workout. However, studies have shown that when combined with other fat burning ingredients (such as caffeine) Cissus Quadrangularis can help target and annihilate body fat as well.

Acai Extract: is a potent superfruit that offers numerous health benefits, including an healthy immune system and a reduction in free radicals. However, Acai is not a proven ingredient for weight loss.


• All-natural ingredients
• Does not use hormones
• Available in multiple online stores
• Well-known manufacturers
• You can become a wholesale retailer


• Undisclosed ingredient concentrations
• HCG amino acids not proven to promote weight loss
• Expensive retail price

Final Thoughts

Cylodyn does have some small potential for promoting weight loss, and if used in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise, you may see a pound or two disappear on the bathroom scale. However, many of the ingredients are in concentrations too low to provide any long-term results, so don’t be disappointed if this dietary supplement doesn’t work for you.

Considering the fact that Cylodyn can be rather expensive when purchased from the manufacturers, it may be best if you tried a clinically proven supplement such as Apidextra. More affordable than Cylodyn, Apidextra offers all-natural ingredients such as caffeine and Cissus to help you lose weight, but unlike the HCG product, it contains clinically proven concentrations of these ingredients.

I suggest going to to find out more about this diet pill before investing in Cylodyn.

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