D-Solve Natural Review

D-Solve NaturalAccording to the official site, D-Solve Natural is designed to help you to lose weight with “no side effects, no diets needed, no exercise!!! And still lose weight. Best pill to loss weight.” There are so many things wrong with that, I don’t even know where to begin.

But it gets worse. D-Solve Natural goes on to say “reduce those extra pounds on waits, belly, arms, and legs with D-Solve Natural.”

I know what you’re saying right now. You’re probably saying the advertising sounds a little funny, but no diet, no exercise, that sound pretty good! And if you found the D-Solve Natural website, you’re probably saying I’d love to lose 15 pounds in a single month! Don’t worry, I will explain.

What’s Behind D-Solve Natural?

If you watch TV, you might be saying well, Rush Limbaugh did it. He found a miracle diet that didn’t require him to exercise at all, and he lost about 100 pounds doing it! Rush Limbaugh first of all was on a DIET, something that D-Solve Natural supposedly does not require. Second, Rush Limbaugh would literally have to starve himself, go anorexic, to achieve results without exercise. Even then, the weight loss would plateau, and obviously he would have serious health problems. There is no magical diet pill that will do all of the work for you.

And even if there were, I could guarantee that D-Solve Natural does not actually have those ingredients. The only clinically proven ingredient in D-Solve Natural is green tea, which is hardly a rarity. The other ingredients in D-Solve Natural come from ancient Asian medicine. But realistically, lotus does not burn fat and hawthorn does not block fat. Who even knows what the “D-Solve extracts” do.

D-Solve Natural Positives

*Has green tea

D-Solve Natural Negatives

*Does not list all of the ingredients
*Plenty of side effects to go around
*Plenty of ingredients that don’t promote weight loss
*Does not have enough green tea to actually promote any benefits
*Blatantly false advertising


D-Solve Natural is not a magical diet pill. Actually, D-Solve Natural is not a diet pill at all. With only one clinically proven ingredient, side effects and more, I can honestly say that you could do better. D-Solve Natural is not what most people would hope for by any means. The only thing you are guaranteeing is side effects.

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