Delta Health Yellow Bullet Review

Is Delta Health Yellow Bullet from China or Mexico? Technically, Delta Health Yellow Bullet is based on ingredients that are generally thought of as being “Chinese.” However, we have to ask, because the English in Delta Health Yellow Bullet ads is so bad that we know that his product has to be a foreign supplement. If you’re on the “American products only” train, then this is one more reason to turn around now. For the rest of you though, you might want to consider the key ingredient.

The Key Ingredient in Delta Health Yellow Bullet

Delta Health Yellow Bullet doesn’t mince words, telling you right off the bat that this formula is supposedly based on ma huang or what you might think is ma huang. Delta Health Yellow Bullet officially lists this ingredient as “ephedra nevadensis.”

This name automatically brings a few things to mind. For starters, you have to ask, isn’t ephedra supposed to be extremely dangerous, even deadly? If we were talking about the ma huang of the past, the answer would be yes. However, you have to pay attention to the additives. Delta Health Yellow Bullet does not use the ma huang we’re used to thinking of.

This form of “ephedra” has never been clinically proven to promote weight loss. On the high side, this particular form is considered to be relatively safe, even innocuous, but what does that matter when the ingredient has no weight loss potential? Safety is great, but ultimately, weight loss potential comes first.

What About the Other Ingredients?

The other ingredients in Delta Health Yellow Bullet have also, in some cases, been clinically proven to promote healthy weight loss. Under the right circumstances, ingredients such as Synephrine can actually imitate the effects of genuine ma huang, without the side effects of course. We also find that phenylethylamine can be an extremely powerful appetite suppressant.

However, the devil is in the details. As effective as all of these ingredients CAN be, you have to have the clinically proven doses to bring that picture into reality. You have to use the doses of each ingredient used in positive clinical studies to achieve the same effects shown in those studies. Otherwise, you are only going to be left in the dark.

Delta Health Yellow Bullet uses proprietary blends, which is a fancy way of not giving you information about the amounts of each ingredient. In addition, a proprietary blend is a nice way to try to avoid having to tell you that this product probably doesn’t have the clinically proven amounts of anything.


Delta Health Yellow Bullet has many ingredients that catch the eye and make this formula sound exciting. However, if you look at what really matters and consider the facts instead of all of the hype that Delta Health Yellow Bullet would like to distract you with, you may not be quite as excited.

As it turns out, Delta Health Yellow Bullet is a plain Jane. There are stimulants in Delta Health Yellow Bullet that might cause some common side effects, but this formula does not have enough of anything to actually burn fat. Delta Health Yellow Bullet doesn’t even have the “ephedra” that immediately comes to mind when we look at the formula, instead using an imitator that happens to have a similar name. So far, we wouldn’t expect much from Delta Health Yellow Bullet.

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