African Mango Diet – Will It Work For You?

Does African Mango Really Work?

Maybe you have heard that African Mango can help you burn body fat and suppress your appetite, but you aren’t sure if the rumors are true.

Can African Mango help you lose weight? Before we can answer that, we need to know more about what African Mango is and what clinical studies have been done.

What Is African Mango?

African Mango extract comes from the nut of the African Mango tree. This nut has been used for centuries, ground up to thicken food and taken on long journeys to suppress hunger.

The African Mango itself has no more health benefits than any other mango. Any supplement that claims to contain “African Mango extract” is probably referring to the powder made from the nut.

Does African Mango Work?

Clinical studies have proven that this ingredient can help you to burn fat, suppress appetite, and control the obesity hormone called leptin. Though it has been researched for years, it is only recent that a formal study linked African Mango conclusively to weight loss.

In a trial done in at the University of Uguande in Cameroon, researchers found that just 150mg helped subjects to lose belly fat, eat less, and also improved their cholesterol levels.

The weight that these people lost was not simply water weight or muscle.

The results were quick and lasting. An average of 12.3 pounds was lost in the 28 day trial.

What Can African Mango Do For Me?

African Mango is an all-natural formula that can provide you with effective weight loss and promotes general health. The problem is finding a product that uses enough of the African Mango extract and also uses other proven ingredients.

One thing that African Mango cannot give you is powerful antioxidant cleansing. You should look for a more well-balanced supplement that combines African Mango with other proven elements.



Maybe you are still asking “What is African Mango? Can it help me to lose weight?” The answer is yes. African Mango have been clinically proven to reduce fat, curb hunger, and reduce cholesterol. It is not a scam, and if you find the right supplement, you will actually be able to see results.

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