Dr. Venessa’s Super Diuretic Review

Dr. Vennessa's Super Diuretic You have a big event coming up, and when you look in the mirror you just feel bloated and unattractive. You think that if you could just lose a few pounds, you would feel lighter and more confident. You would be able to fit into your nicest clothes that have been collecting dust in the closet.

Dr. Venessa’s Super Diuretic is a product that is designed just for the purpose of helping you shed a few pounds fast.

What are the benefits of Dr. Venessa’s Super Diuretic?

Dr. Venessa’s Super Diuretic uses natural and safe herbal ingredients. These ingredients not only serve as a diuretic, but they also promote the health of your urinary tract and digestive system.

Unlike other diuretics, they fill your body back up with nutrients that can be stripped during the detoxing process.

What’s in Dr. Venessa’s Super Diuretic?

One of the main ingredients that puts helpful nutrients back in is Cranberry. Cranberry is a powerful antioxidant that can rid the body of toxins, but it also contains a lot of valuable vitamins and other nutrients. It is also good in preventing urinary tract infections.

Burdock Root, Potassium as Chloride, and Parsley Leaf are natural diuretics. They help get things moving and also purify the blood and can help eliminate kidney stones.

Uva Ursi is another ingredient that is good for urinary tract infections. It has antibacterial properties and can purify the liver and kidneys. This is a great ingredient for treating infections and ridding the body of toxins.

Dandelion Root stimulates the digestive system and is good for the liver.

Shepherd’s Purse helps reduce swelling and bloating and is also good for the urinary tract.

Side Effects

Dr. Venessa’s Super Diuretic is a very safe product. There have been no side effects reported.

This product can increase urination and bowel movements. It is important not to use this product too frequently because overusing diuretics can lead to some serious conditions.


We were unable to find an official website for this product, but there are quite a few third party sites that sell Dr. Venessa’s Super Diuretic. It costs around $10.00 for a bottle of 60 tablets.

It’s a good thing that this product is so inexpensive because there is no money back guarantee that comes with it. If it doesn’t work for you, you didn’t lose much.

Is it Worth it?

If all you are looking for is to shed a few pounds every once in a while, then Dr. Venessa’s Super Diuretic might be worth it. It is a safe product that is made with natural ingredients.

This product isn’t worth it if you are looking to lose a lot of weight, especially if you want to lose it long term. This is just a quick fix product, and in our opinion, quick fix is never the best fix. We would suggest looking elsewhere for other weight loss pills if you need some help making a lifestyle change.

But if you want to dress to the nines for your big even coming up and don’t have much time to prepare, then give Dr. Venessa’s Super Diuretic a try.

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