Dream Body Slimming Capsule Review

Dream Body Slimming CapsuleDream Body Slimming Capsule claim to help you to get the superior effect that you will not find anywhere else. They say that it can cleanse the intestines, and you will be able to create dieresis and relax the bowels. They talk about eliminating unabsorbed fat and toxins, and Dream Body Slimming Capsule helps you to curb your appetite and more.

They talk about speeding up your metabolism so that you can lose weight easily and effectively. And Dream Body Slimming Capsule promises certain long term results. But the question in most minds is, does Dream Body Slimming Capsule work? They talk about Chinese medicine and a myriad of other things. But how does it all come together?

Dream Body Slimming Capsule ingredients include Chinese bitter orange, Cassia seed, Aloe, Lotus leaf extract, and Medical Amylum.

The Truth

Dream Body Slimming Capsule utilizes a blend of just 5 simple ingredients. They have a grand total of one clinically proven weight loss ingredient. They use an ingredient called bitter orange extract, which acts as a chemical cousin and alternative to ephedrine. They say that this ingredient replaces ephedrine, giving you the same benefits. But it does not have the same side effects. It is still a stimulant. But it doesn’t cause heart attack, stroke, and death.

Like ephedrine, they should have accounted for the fact that it would still require approximately 250mg. They used only a fraction of this. So while it can still cause the stimulant related side effects, it is unlikely at best to give you the results.

The other ingredients in Dream Body Slimming Capsule has no other clinically proven ingredients. The other ingredients in Dream Body Slimming Capsule for the most part have benefits such as stopping diarrhea. But they do not burn fat, detoxify the body, or anything else like that. In fact, one is a filler. Starch is meant to thicken foods, not promote weight loss results.


Dream Body Slimming Capsule makes promises about all the benefits it is there to achieve. But Dream Body Slimming Capsule does not have the clinically proven ingredients with the exception of one. And they do not have the clinically proven amounts of anything that they do use at this particular time. Dream Body Slimming Capsule is a poor substitute for a real weight loss supplement, and we would recommend that you find something else.

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