Eat to Live Diet Review

With all of the hype around diet pills these days, how do you know which ones will help you lose weight and keep you healthy? Although there are some pills out there that can help stimulate your metabolism and give you some added nutrients, it’s important to have a solid foundation so the pills you do take can really help you.

Dr. Joel Fuhrman developed the Eat to Live Diet as a way for you to get that firm foundation to build upon. The philosophy here is to use food as medicine to treat and prevent disease and other illnesses in the body.

What is the Eat to Live Diet?

The Eat to Live Diet focuses on the foods that have the most nutrients per calorie. For 6 weeks you stay away from things with caffeine, alcohol, salt, fats, and decrease your intake of animal products.

What you can eat are as many fruits and vegetables that you can stuff. It is recommended to eat 1 pound of raw vegetables, 1 pound of cooked vegetables, and 1 cup of beans. You also get to eat a good amount of healthy grains.

If you are a heavy meat eater, that may seem like a foreign idea to revolve your meals around veggies. But the good news is that tons of great meal plans and recipes are provided to help you out.

Is it hard to stick to the Eat to Live Diet?

Consumers have reported that they never felt full and that their whole outlook on how to eat has changed for the better. With all of pounds of veggies to eat, some people have a hard time eating that much food.

It’s crazy that you get to eat all of this great food, but you actually lose weight!

It does take a lot of planning. It takes time to change your habits and to prepare whole food meals. Some reviewers complained about it taking too much preparation, but preparing all of that food is different than just being able to whip up a processed meal.

Does the Eat to Live Diet actually work?

It not only helps you lose a significant amount of weight, but it also has been clinically proven time and time again to reverse heart disease, cancer, diabetes, skin conditions, and other ailments. A lot of people have reduced or stopped their use of medications.

Thousands of consumers rave about the miracles that have happened because of this diet. People are taking their lives back by using food for medicine.

This diet really will get your body to its most healthy state.


Choosing good quality diet pills are important and can help you fine-tune some imbalances in the body. But the best way to get diet pills to work is to make sure your body is already on its way to health.

The Eat to Live Diet will help your body reach optimum wellness so that any other health related boosters you take will take your health that much further.

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