Emotional Eating Support Kit Review

Emotional Eating Support Kit comes from Bach Nelson Bach, a company that they claim is the UK’s largest manufacturer, selling products across the world. Supposedly, this formula uses homeopathic medicine to balance out your body, ensuring that you will be able to take control of your emotions, balance out your body, and accept your physical imperfections.

They suggest that Emotional Eating Support Kit clears body and mind, helping you to assess your mistakes from an objective perspective. But how does Emotional Eating Support Kit work? Does it provide these results?

Homeopathic Medicine & Weight Loss

We will just come out and say it. As far as we can tell through research and valid clinical studies, accompanied by common sense, homeopathic medicine is not clinically proven to do anything but rip you off. There are homeopathic practitioners who would obviously jump to the defense of their bread and butter. But let’s think about this for a moment.

They take one drop of any “active ingredient.” Then they mix it with a cup of water. They take a drop of this water, once they have properly stirred it, and then they add this to another cup of water. They do this again and again. The first time they diluted the active ingredient, they guaranteed failure. But the 100th or 200th time, can it be more obvious?

Why We Love Kits

There is good and bad to any product. But we can honestly say that despite product lines like this, kits stand a better chance. We have tried multiple products. We have assessed hundreds of diet pills, only to find that most of them are what we like to call “one hit wonders.” They do one thing and one thing only. Some of the most effective diet pills suppress appetite. But what happens if you also have a sluggish metabolism. Then you have to buy another diet pill. Or maybe you crave the worst foods. Then you need yet another diet pill.

A kit helps you by giving you multiple products that you usually take all at once. Yes, it’s a lot of pills. But isn’t it worth it to take 5 pills twice a day rather than 2 twice daily if you get better results? We think so.

Ingredients in Emotional Eating Support Kit

Emotional Eating Support Kit active ingredients include cherry plum, prunus cerasifera, chestnut bud active ingredient, aesculus hippocastanum, crab apple active ingredient, and malus pumila.

Could the Ingredients in Emotional Eating Support Kit Work?

Emotional Eating Support Kit has a blend of natural ingredients, and they focus on cherry plum, crab apple, chestnut bud, and for the most part other fruits. There are fruits that promote weight loss. For example, science has proven that the African Mango fruit, more commonly called Irvingia Gabonensis, promotes substantial and diverse weight loss results.

But most fruits do not promote weight loss. Even acai, a well-publicized superfruit, does not promote clinically proven weight loss results. Fruits like those found in Emotional Eating Support Kit are rich in healthy nutrients such as essential vitamins, antioxidants, and even fiber and good fatty acids. But the likelihood of weight loss is slim to none.


Emotional Eating Support Kit makes claims about helping you to finally see the light. They say that Emotional Eating Support Kit will help you to get the clinically proven and yet all-natural way to lose weight through the miracle of homeopathic medicine. But obviously, you cannot count on advertising to give you the god honest truth.

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