Energy Fuel Maximum Power Review

Just walk with us for a moment. As much as we would like to categorize Energy Fuel Maximum Power as a fat burner, there is nothing in the description that actually says that. We assume a lot of things about Energy Fuel Maximum Power, because we read between the lines. After all, Energy Fuel Maximum Power claims to provide benefits without ma huang, but makers never say anything about burning fat.

What Does TwinLab Say?

The company behind Energy Fuel Maximum Power describes this as an energy booster that will get you going and keep you going throughout the day. More specifically, Energy Fuel Maximum Power is a self-described breakthrough clinical formula that keeps you going. There is no mention of fat burning, appetite suppression, belly fat, or anything else that blatantly describes weight loss.

Does TwinLab Keep Their Word?

Energy Fuel Maximum Power uses plenty of stimulants that can without question increase energy. Whether you’re talking about guarana, which is a caffeine free Brazilian energy supplement, or green tea, which is caffeine based, Energy Fuel Maximum Power has plenty of related ingredients.

In addition, some would even suggest that ingredients like St. John’s wort improve mental energy, which only adds to the obvious energy boosting benefits of caffeine. Even small amounts of caffeine can increase natural energy levels, but St. John’s wort requires more specific doses to produce the described effects. Because Energy Fuel Maximum Power uses a proprietary blend, we cannot be sure that this formula actually has enough of anything but caffeine.

Are There Side Effects?

Again, this is a given with any caffeine based product, but it is possible to experience a “crash.” In fact, even if you drink a cup of coffee, you run the risk of experiencing that famous “caffeine crash.” Some have experienced side effects such as jitters, insomnia, headaches, nausea, and other side effects commonly associated with caffeine. However, time and time again, we have seen that the side effects depend entirely on the person and their tolerance to caffeine.

Is Energy Fuel Maximum Power a Product Worth Buying?

Energy Fuel Maximum Power uses ingredients that can definitely increase energy, and even with small amounts of these particular stimulants, some can get the energy boosting effects. As a fat burner, Energy Fuel Maximum Power doesn’t quite measure up, using amounts that are not quite big enough to burn fat.

However, if you are looking for an energy booster, each bottle of Energy Fuel Maximum Power sells for only $8. This is cheaper than coffee, and for the 30 day supply provided, most would not consider Energy Fuel Maximum Power to be too bad a deal. Just don’t think of this product as any kind of fat burner or weight loss supplement and you should be fine.

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