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A few summers ago, I took a trip of a life time to Europe. With all of the beautiful art, scenery, and architecture there were lots of photo opportunities. I was furiously taking pictures of everything in sight… except myself. I hated any picture that I was in. I was so self conscience about the weight I had gained thanks to all the rich food Europe had to offer. I wish that I had something that could have made me feel better about my appearance, fast.

Now looking back, I am so sad that I don’t have a picture of myself in front of the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, and The Leaning Tower. Don’t waste chances to capture a priceless memory because your jeans are feeling a little bit tighter.

I wish I had packed the diet pill Expelis in my carry-on. Expelis is a diet supplement that helps you to lose weight safely, easily and naturally. This product attacks the excess water weight that your body holds onto. Losing your water weight is a great way to trim down fast. Expelis even claims that you will see results within the first twelve hours.

Expelis claims that it will get rid of water weight while keeping you healthy. Don’t expect to feel drained or tired while using Expelis. This product will promote good bladder health and help to prevent urinary tract infection, which nobody wants!

Expelis Ingredients

Expelis is unique because it is made up of all natural ingredients. First, Green Tea is used to promote natural weight loss. Green Tea is very popular in the diet supplement industries. There are a number of scientific studies that back up its claims of effectiveness. Second, Parsley Extract acts as a mild diuretic. This helps flush out all of the excess water and toxins in the body. Next, Juniper Berry does a similar job as the Parsley Extract, helping to flush out excess water.

Fourth, Taraxacum Officinale has been known for its ability to suppress the appetite as well as promoting a healthy urinary track. Taraxacum Officinale is more commonly known as a Dandelion. Uva Ursiis the next natural ingredient, helps the user by supporting a healthy urinary track. It is also known as the “Bearberry.” Finally, Buchu Leaf promotes healthy digestion. Basically, all of these ingredients mixed together act as a powerful diuretic. While using Expelis don’t venture too far from a bathroom!

The Expelis Truth

After researching this product, I would not recommend you purchase it. Here are my reasons why.

First, it is only a short term solution. If you are self-conscience about your weight, you aren’t going to want to gain it all back after a week. Quick fixes are never a good choice. It is usually unhealthy and unsatisfying.
Second, it is expensive. On sale Expelis is whopping $119! If you are going to invest that kind of money into a diet supplement, why would you only want it to work for a short period of time? Finally, Expelis does not have any scientific research to back it up. There have been studies for the individual ingredients, but on the product itself there is nothing solid that says it will do what it claims to do.

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    I would recommend agniast diet pills.When you start taking one, next thing you know it will be recalled!Just keep going on your program, you’re doing wonderful if you loose two pounds a week.By the way, I heard that Hydroxycut was recalled for causing liver damage!

    November 23, 2012 at 11:47 am

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