EZ Slim Review

EZ Slim

EZ Slim is a weight loss supplement that is supposed to be a low cost alternative for those who want a homeopathic weight loss aid.

EZ Slim is marketed by HomeoCare, its manufacturer, to be able to help your body respond better to its hunger and fullness signals, as well as boost the metabolism, thus helping you eat less and burn more.

Since we always like a product with a natural ingredient list that isn’t going to give you harmful side effects, we thought that we ought to look a little further into EZ Slim to see what it really has to offer.

EZ Slim: The Good

Just like HomeoCare promised, EZ Slim is indeed outfitted with ingredients that are minimally processed and are not going to leave you with long term side effects.

However, a gentle ingredient list usually means less than powerful fat burners, which is exactly what we saw with EZ Slim.

EZ Slim: The Bad

Most of their ingredients are obscure names that sound exotic and efficient; however once you research them a little bit you’ll find they’re quite ordinary.

For instance, fucus versiculosis, is supposed to be able to regulate your thyroid gland and stimulate your metabolism.

But after a little research we found that fucus versiculosis is merely a source of iodine found in the sea, and is also called bladderwrack. Rather than being tough on fat, fucus versiculosis is most often used in spa treatments to soften the skin.

Another ingredient, anacardium orientale, sounds mysterious, but after reading about it, the only mystery is why it would be in a weight loss supplement.

In homeopathic remedies, anacardium orientale is used to treat people who feel they have a “duality of energies,” or a sort of schizophrenia. Unless this helps balance out the energy that keeps us from going on that early morning jog, we can’t see how it would help you lose weight.

EZ Slim – Conclusion

Even though we like the fact that EZ Slim markets itself as an all natural resource for those wishing to lose weight, we can’t accept the fact that it doesn’t use proven ingredients.

There are many products on the market today that use ingredients that are both all natural and effective; we don’t think you should have to settle with EZ Slim.

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