Fat Burner Evolution Review

If you’re looking for fast weight loss results, then Intek claims to have your solution. Fat Burner Revolution supposedly combines “all of the biggest weight loss supplements on the planet, together in one bottle.”

By utilizing a wide-variety of stimulants, diuretics, and suppressants, Fat Burner Evolution will supposedly take your workout to the next level, giving you the body you’ve always dreamed in the ultimate all-in-one weight loss pill.

However, has Intek overhyped Fat Burner Evolution, making claims that it can’t live up to? Or is this expensive formula the next pill that will revolutionize the weight loss industry?

We analyzed Fat Burner Evolution for both quality and effectiveness to determine if this product is right for you!

What Fat Burner Evolution Claims to Do

• Boost metabolism
• Maximize thyroid control
• Increase caloric expenditure
• Removes subcutaneous water
• Curbs cravings
• Targets stubborn body fat

Caveats of Fat Burner Evolution

• Expensive
• No money-back guarantee
• Depends on stimulants for weight loss
• May cause side effects

Inside the Pill

Ingredients found inside Fat Burner Evolution are divided into several proprietary blends:

intek fat burner evolution supplement factsHydroshed Proprietary Blend
• Dandelion Root – acts as a laxative
• Buchu Leaf – acts as a diuretic
• Juniper Berry – treats digestive problems and kills bacteria

Thermoscorch Blend
• Caffeine Anhydrous – stimulates energy and suppresses appetite
• White Willow Bark – works synergistically with stimulants to increase their effects
• Citrus Aurantium – stimulates energy and suppresses appetite
• Acacia Rigidula – stimulates beta-receptors to increase lipolysis and metabolic rate – not proven
• Cayenne – increases core temperature and caloric expenditure
• Ginger Root – used primarily as a digestive aid though it may stimulate thermogenesis
• Theobromine – may increase energy and mood

Thyroblast Blend
• Guggul Lipid – stimulates the thyroid gland
• 7-OXO Coleous – increases cyclic AMP
• Kelp – good source of iodine

Appetite Suppressant Blend
• Hoodia – Unproven appetite suppressant
• Fucoxanthin – Contains antioxidants and nutrients

Absorbomax blend
• Calcium Carbonate – may improve BMI – not proven
• Niacin – may lower cholesterol levels
• MSM – a form of sulphur that may reduce inflammation
• Magnesium Stearate – a fatty acid that does not increase cholesterol

What About Side Effects?

Like many “extreme” dieting pills, Fat Burner evolution depends on stimulants to promote weight loss. Although ingredients such as caffeine and synephrine have successfully been used to help consumers lose weight quickly and effectively, this extreme method for shedding those extra pounds comes at the cost of negative side effects.

Although individual results will vary, you may experience dizziness, nervousness, jitters, and insomnia while taking Fat Burner Evolution. Fat Burner Evolution warns that this product should not be taken within 6 hours of sleep. Additionally, due to the wide variety of diuretics, increased urination is a common side effect.

Those who have sensitivity to caffeine or similar stimulants may wish to avoid this product without consulting a physician first. Be sure to test your tolerance levels with smaller doses of Fat Burner Evolution before regularly using this product in your dieting routine.

Getting More Out of Your Diet Pill

The full recommended amount of Fat Burner Evolution is 4 capsules twice daily (for a total of 8). However, you’ll want to start with 2 capsules immediately after you wake up and another 2 capsules 6 to 8 hours later to keep your energy levels up. Then as your body adjusts to the ingredients, you can gradually increase that amount.

It’s absolutely important that you stay hydrated while taking this supplement, so drink at least 8 to 16 oz. of water with each serving, and manufacturers suggest drinking 1 gallon of water daily to “prevent loss of electrolytes and minerals during exercise.”

Because this formula contains stimulants, you’ll want to avoid taking the pills too late in the day (at least 6 hours before bed) as it may result in restlessness and insomnia.

Pricing and Guarantee

You can buy Fat Burner evolution from the manufacturers for nearly $70 per 120 cap bottle, plus an additional $6 rate for shipping in the US.

You can contact customer service via phone at 866-471-3844 or through an email form available at inteknutrition.com, but it is unknown whether or not the product is backed with a guarantee.

Who Makes Fat Burner Evolution?

Fat Burner Evolution is produced and sold by Intek Advanced Body Solutions, a california-based manufacturer that supposedly follows “Good manufacturing Practices.”

The manufacturers state that consumers have their “guarantee of label accuracy” so you know that the labels are at least correct, even if you don’t know how many ingredients are found inside each proprietary blend.

Will Fat Burner Evolution Work?

Intek’s fat burning formula appears to be an effective weight loss supplement that should help you achieve your weight loss goals. Due to its multi-targeting approach to burning fat, Fat Burner Evolution appears to be a great method for shedding more weight when used in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

However, Intek Fat Burner Evolution is a powerful formula, which may be too strong for some and may result in unpleasant side effects for others, and with such a high retail price, it’s probably not worth the investment.

Due to Fat Burner Evolution warnings and side effects, we feel that there are many other products on the market that can help achieve the same weight loss results without putting your body at risk.

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