Fat Smack Review

fat smack

Fat Smack is a dietary supplement, to be used jointly with diet and exercise, that is supposed to raise your metabolism, increase fatty acid release, enhance your mood, sharpen cognition, improve exercise performance, and generally aid your body into weight loss associated outcomes.


Fat Smack’s main fat burning ingredient is 1,3,7-trimethylxanthine; or more commonly referred to as caffeine. This component of the supplement is responsible for most of the fat loss because it essentially speeds up any and almost every bodily process including that of thermogenesis.
Fat Smack also includes 2-amino-4 methylhexane which is supposed to mimic the effects that the sympathetic nervous system has on the body by providing a feeling of euphoria. It also has Cissus Quadrangularis, which is most commonly used in Thailand, Africa and in ayurvedic medicine, and is thought to minimize stress, ease arthritis, and stimulate lipase and amylase inhibition.


Fat Smack’s use of caffeine to stimulate fat loss is a pretty common one. Caffeine, although no stranger to most people in commercial beverages, is also one of the most widely used pharmacological agent worldwide. Although it is used for all different things, it is comforting to know that this main weight loss drug isn’t some mystery drug that no one’s heard of and can be potentially harmful to you.


The downside of caffeine, however, is that participants who consume it in high enough doses, like you would find in Fat Smack, often report constant dry mouth, jitters, even heart flutters. These effects can often be subdued by using other, calming ingredients, in the supplement.
Although Fat Smack has ingredients that Purus Labs claims will alter the side effects of caffeine, there has been no peer-reviewed or published, clinical data to support the claims of any of their ingredients. In fact, 2-amino-4 methylhexane has not only not been proven to provide a “feeling of euphoria,” but is merely a vasoconstrictor and is used commonly in nasal decongestants. Not weight loss supplements.


Although Purus Labs prides itself on having a short and pure list of ingredients, maybe they should make sure they have pure results from credible sources before they make lofty claims.

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