FC Block Review

FC Block

The worst part about dieting is giving up the foods you love in order to lose weight. Pro Fight claims that now you don’t have to! With their fat blocking formula FC Block, you can supposedly eat the high calorie and deep fried foods without the guilt.

But can you really self-indulge without the consequences? Pro Fight makes some hefty claims about the effectiveness of its product, and we’re skeptical as to whether or not Pro Fight can really suppress your appetite, reduce water retention, and detoxify your skin.

Benefits of FC Block

FC Block depends primarily on White Kidney Bean Extract to do the work in this fat blocking formula. White Kidney Beans, like any other beans, are rich in fiber and make for great digestive aids. The high concentrations of fiber can help add bulk without the bulge, keeping you feeling fuller for longer periods of time without the added calories of other foods. Fiber is extremely beneficial for keeping regular and maintaining a healthy digestive system.

Additionally White Kidney Beans interact with the enzyme Alpha-Amylase, the enzyme responsible for the breakdown of starches to be absorbed in the blood stream for fuel (or stored as fat). When this enzyme is blocked, many of the gut-busting carbs go undigested and unabsorbed in your digestive tract, allowing those excess calories to pass guilt-free through your system.

Limitations of FC Block

Unfortunately, White Kidney Bean isn’t the “silver bullet” solution as FC Block claims it to be. Because these foods are not digested fully by the time they hit your intestines, these high calorie foods have the chance to ferment, resulting in painful gas, bloating, and even diarrhea.

Additionally, White Kidney Bean can’t completely block Alpha-amylase, so portion of those high calorie foods are still being absorbed in your system. Although White Kidney Bean extract can help limit the damage done through self-indulgence, it cannot completely counter the resulting weight gain from an unhealthy diet.

Is FC Block Worth it?

By exercising a little more discipline when you eat, FC Block can help you lose a little weight while still allowing you to eat the occasional burger now and then. However, no miracle pill can compensate for unhealthy eating decisions and lack of exercise.

FC Block retails for around $37 (lower prices are available through 3rd party vendors), making this product a little expensive for such mild weight loss results. Although FC Block has the potential to be a good addition to any weight loss routine, there are cheaper and stronger supplements available that can help you achieve your weight loss goals.

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