Femme Slender Review

Since men and women have different body compositions and processes, it makes sense that they would lose weight in different ways and rates. Femme Slender works specifically for women’s weight loss.

The manufacturers say that you will enjoy fast weight loss with their system, which sounds similar to Slimvox and other weight loss formulas made for women.

One aspect that Femme Slender brings to the table is a variety of products designed to help you lose weight in a couple different ways.

Femme Slender Products

Femme Slender uses three products: Slinky, Freedom, and Slim-X.

Slinky is a fat blocker and fat burner. Endorsed by celebrities, Slinky uses Choline, Inositol, Betaine and Methionine to get your metabolism working quickly. They also add L-Carnitine to suppress appetite and Chitosan to block fat.

Freedom is meant to block the absorption of foods that make you gain weight, including sugars, carbohydrates, starch, and fat. It is also meant for women who are “on the go” because it gets rid of the necessity of planning what you eat.

Freedom uses Phaseolus Vulgaris, Gynema Eylvestre, Banaba Leaf Powder, Chitosan, and Choromium Polynictinate to block all of these fat-producing elements from being absorbed.

Slim-X is the simplest of formulas. It uses CLAs and other mono-unsaturated and poly-saturated fatty acids to help you reduce your weight and overall fat content. CLAs have been clinically linked to weight loss, though the rate of loss for CLAs alone is about 1 pound of fat loss every 5 weeks.

Though a lot of Femme Slender’s advertising states that it is “fast” weight loss, none of these ingredients really seem to work quickly or be in significant amounts.

Femme Slender Pricing

Each bottle contains about a 15 day supply of product, which is not too bad considering that they run for about $25 in the United States.

The manufacturers also offer a 30 day 100% money back guarantee on all of their products, which is helpful for those that find that they are dissatisfied with the products.


Though several of the ingredients that Femme Slender uses are clinically studied or proven, we could not find any consumer reviews corroborating their effectiveness. Femme Slender’s official website did have a few testimonials, but they did not mention whether the product would work with every body type.

Proven ingredients do speak well for the effectiveness of any product, but the dosages mentioned in the clinical reviews were not often matched by those added into the Femme Slender products.


Femme Slender does have a few ingredients that are worth mentioning, and we did like that they offered a money back guarantee for a product that’s a lower price.

However, we do not think that the ingredients are added in effective doses, especially when each product is used individually. Most of the functions of the different products are similar enough that it does not make sense that they are added separately.

We suggest looking for a diet supplement system that is a little more comprehensive. Slimvox is both fast and safe and combines all of its value into one easy to use package.

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