FirmSlim Cellulite Mousse Review

firmslim cellulite mousse

FirmSlim Cellulite Mousse is an anti-cellulite cream that is manufactured by Transformulas in the United Kingdom.

Although FirmSlim confidently asserts that it will be able to slim and contour your body by combating cellulite and eliminating toxins, we’re a little skeptical.

But rather than ignoring these ambitious claims entirely, we decided to give FirmSlim a chance and see what it has to offer.

The Good

Based on what we can tell by their marketing, FirmSlim Cellulite Mousse works mainly off a caffeine based formula.

However, because FirmSlim does not reveal its ingredients, we can’t be sure of this. But the fact that they refer to the cream as “thermogenically active,” and they promise it is a diuretic, we are pretty sure that Transformulas intends FirmSlim to at least act like a caffeine based product.

The fact that FirmSlim is supposed to act to stimulate your cells is a good thing, because this has proven to be the most effective way to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Although no cream or mousse can ever help you get rid of the dimply fat that looks like cellulite, the formulas that have caffeine in it can reduce the amount of water in your skin cells, causing an instant firmness.

The Bad

Unfortunately, this firmness is temporary at best. Because the skin firming works by eliminating water again, as soon as you take a drink of water or eat water-based food you will lose that firmness as your cells are rehydrated.

Even though these caffeine cellulite creams can work well as quick fixes for a short amount of time, there is no evidence that FirmSlim is successful even for a moment.

Because its manufacturing was discontinued, and now you can only purchase FirmSlim through secondary vendors, we can’t imagine that FirmSlim’s results were ever extremely popular.

The Skinny

Despite the fact that there is a chance that FirmSlim might work as well as other caffeine creams, we still wouldn’t take the chance on this product because of its negative sales history. And at as much as $50.00 a bottle, we wouldn’t take the risk with FirmSlim Cellulite Mousse.

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