Fitness Questions and Answers

fitness questions and answers

Confused about losing weight? Have a question that you simply don’t know where to turn? Then you’re not alone. We are constantly bombarded with comments from dieters and consumers alike who want to know how to make the most out of their time at the gym.

To put your mind to rest, we’ve asked the experts to give us the answers to these commonly asked fitness questions.

Commonly Asked Questions

Q. I sweat a lot during my workouts, does that mean that I’m pushing myself too hard?

A. Whether you’re mildly perspiring or literally dripping wet, sweat is the body’s response to excessive heat. During exercise, the body’s core temperature rises, and in order to maintain a healthy equilibrium, the Eccrine sweat glands are triggered and fluid is moved to the skin where it will evaporate and create a cooling effect.

Sweating is more of an indication of humidity and temperature rather than any sign that you are getting a great workout.

Q. Why should I vary my workout routine?

A. Interestingly enough, you don’t have to vary your workout if you don’t want to. You can’t “confuse” or “trick” your muscles (as some would suggest) by trying different machines because building muscle depends on overload and stress rather than inexperience. The more familiar you are with a certain exercise, the more likely you’ll perform it with the correct posture and reduce the chance of injury.

Typically speaking, it’s a good idea to vary your workout simply to avoid boredom or overtraining. If you feel like your workout isn’t giving you the results you’re hoping for, then you can try something new to get out of your workout rut, or you can push yourself a little harder by adding more weight or intensity.

Q. I’ve been doing crunches like crazy. Why don’t I have washboard abs?

A. Despite what diet pill manufacturers and other weight loss products would have you believe, you can’t target fat loss in a specific part of your body. If you’ve been doing crunches and sit-ups on a regular basis without seeing results, then it is possible there is a layer of fat hiding your carefully sculpted muscles.

If you want to battle that fat in those hard to lose places, then you’re going to have to participate in full body workouts, including a well-balanced program of strength training, cardio, and flexibility in addition to a healthy low-calorie diet of fruits and vegetables. A high quality diet pill may be able to boost your metabolism and increase your ability to burn fat as well. You’ll lose weight all around, and though it takes time and effort, your body will thank you for it later.

Q. I want to get that cut, ripped look. Is there a secret?

A. The secret lies in your genes. Very few adults are genetically capable of developing large, cut, toned muscles that you commonly see on magazine cover models.

In order to achieve that “ripped” look, you have to be able to develop large amounts of muscle mass while reducing the amounts of fat underneath the skin. Together, these two traits allow for the muscles to be seen under the skin.

Although everyone has the capacity to develop and strengthen their muscles, improving your overall fitness and health, that cut look may be impossible for some simply because of their genetics. Fortunately, we can all benefit from a healthy diet and regular exercise – and a healthy, firm body is definitely considered attractive all on its own. fitness questions and answers

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