Food Lovers Fat Loss System Review

Are you ready for that beach body, but not ready to give up that chocolate bar yet? Well, according to the Food Lovers Fat Loss System you can achieve the body you want and still eat your chocolate.

On this fat loss plan, you can eat all the foods that you love and still burn fat! With their 8 week program and their 100% money back guarantee, it sounds like a dieter’s dream come true.

The Good

While the claims on the Food Lovers website are not typical (there is a disclaimer right on their website that says this), there are some good things about this fat loss plan.

There are support groups online to help and support you through your fat loss journey. Having to be accountable for your weight loss can be a great motivator. Also making friends who can sympathize with you can be a valuable asset to you program adherence.

The Food Lovers program focuses mainly on portion sizes. This is a key element in losing weight especially because most people don’t realize how much they are actually eating. By cutting down on the calories you put into your body, the less calories there are that can stay on your waistline.

Exercise is included in the fat loss program. While we all wish we could just eat what we want and then sit around doing nothing, this does not work. We need to get up and move our bodies to make really lose the excess fat. The fact that this program encourages exercise is a definite good thing.

The Bad

While there are many good things about this fat loss program, there are some important things missing from this fat loss program. Here are a few:

Although the program does state that exercise is important, it doesn’t tell you how to exercise. For someone who has never been to the gym, this can be a big problem. Food Lovers does send you one exercise DVD, but that just isn’t enough variety for anyone.

What food you eat is just as important as how much food you eat. Food Lovers does not focus on food types. Eating a variety of healthy food is the only way you will get all the nutrients you need. Avoiding salt and fats for example are imperative in achieving a healthy body.

To Tie Things Up

To buy this system you must make six payments of $19.99 which is a decent amount of money for a program that is missing some key elements. For someone who just needs a place to start their weight loss journey, this program may give you some good things to think about. If you can get past the unreal expectations that are given to you by this fat loss system’s website, and consider the pros and cons of the Food Lovers Fat Loss System, this may be a worthwhile purchase.

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