Foods that Help Burn Fat!

Did you know that 80% of weight loss can be attributed to healthy eating? Most people make the mistake of eating irresponsibly because they plan on burning it off on the treadmill later.

Unless your career includes eight hours of hard labor, eating right is absolutely essential to battling the bulge.

We’ve outlined five foods that work with you to burn fat. They are loaded with protein and fiber that take far more effort for your body to digest than simple carbohydrates do.

When used with a recommended diet pill these foods won’t let you down and will also help curb your appetite so it’s easier to stay away from the fridge!


Eggs for Fat Burning!Low in fat, eggs are inexpensive, and packed with protein. Your body will work to burn off breakfast and take some of your fat storage with it!

Eggs are also high in vitamin B12 which plays an important role in digestion and actually break down fat cells.

If you’re worried about cholesterol, remove the yolks from all but one of your eggs. That one yolk will give you just the right amount of color and flavor–without raising health concerns!


Laden with soluble fiber, oatmeal can take some getting used to. However, the benefits of this heart-healthy fat burning food far outweigh any skepticism you may have regarding the taste.

Soluble fiber flushes out your digestive system, rids your body of the dreaded bloat, lowers cholesterol, and fights colon cancer and heart disease.

But that’s not all–oatmeal packs quite the energy punch and prevents your metabolism from diving, and not burning calories.

However, don’t ruin oatmeal’s nutritional value by overloading it with sugar and butter–try instead berries or a spoon of honey.

Your body will adjust and begin to look forward to breakfast!

Low Fat Dairy

With portion control, low-fat dairy can help you lose 70% more fat than you’d be able to lose on your own. Low-Fat Dairy

Toss a low-fat yogurt into your lunch bag, or munch on a skimmed milk cheese stick (wrap it in a slice of lean deli turkey for even more fat burning power!) Even a glass of 1% milk a day goes a long way towards burning fat.

Whole Grains

You may think carbs are the enemy, but whole grains are necessary to colon and digestive health, and they stabilize metabolism and keep you burning fat optimally.

When it comes to bread however, Dr. Oz emphasizes the importance of buying whole grain only.

He says, “Remember, you don’t want your bread to say ‘mixed grain,’ ‘great grain,’ or ‘the best for you grain.’ It’s got to say ‘100 percent whole grain.’ If it doesn’t say 100 percent, it’s not.”

Some of the mostly highly recommended diet pills on the market today are packed with fiber from whole grains because the manufacturers understand its filling and nutritional properties.

Olive Oil

Fat is also considered an enemy to body fat but your body actually needs good fats—or monosaturated fats.

Monosaturated fats are an ally for your body because they control your appetite, lower insulin levels and initiate leptin response–a key protein hormone that controls appetite and regulates metabolism and fat burning.

Olive OilIn addition to olive oil, healthy fats include extra virgin coconut oil and high lignan flaxseed Oil.

Incorporate these foods into six small, healthful meals a day and watch the fat slip from your body.

Final Thoughts

Although an important part of dieting is cutting back on calories, it’s important that the food you are consuming is healthy and balanced. Eating the right foods can actually help the fat burning process and return your body to its optimal fat burning state.

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