Forged Burner Review

Forged Burner is a relatively well-established fat burner that promises diverse weight loss benefits with an impressive lineup of clinically proven weight loss ingredients and blends. Forged Burner claims to provide only the best key weight loss ingredients to make sure that you can eliminate yo-yo dieting from your life while improving your health and permanently raising your metabolism specifically by using thermogenic weight loss ingredients.

Does Forged Burner Have Clinically Proven Thermogenic Fat Burners?

Forged Burner uses ingredients that have been clinically proven in the past to promote potential fat burning benefits. It uses ingredients such as raspberry ketones and evodiamine for example, which are both completely stimulant free. These ingredients have even been tested with a high fat diet.

However, makers of Forged Burner must have gotten mixed up somewhere along the way. The fat burners in Forged Burner are lipolytic fat burners, releasing fat stores. Thermogenic fat burners are typically based on caffeine and increase heat in the core of the body.

Does Forged Burner Have Other Weight Loss Ingredients?

Forged Burner also uses ingredients such as phenylethylamine, which has been used as a powerful and stimulant free appetite suppressant, as well as naringin, another stimulant-free fat burner. A lot of the other ingredients aren’t really related to weight loss at all.

Should You Use Forged Burner?

Forged Burner uses ingredients that have been through extensive studies, and it is possible that Forged Burner might burn fat. However, there are good and bad points to Forged Burner. On one hand, we find that Forged Burner’s ingredients are almost entirely stimulant free. It uses fat burners like evodiamine that do not require caffeine.

However, unlike caffeine, the studies on these ingredients are still fairly limited. So far, the only studies on these ingredients are rat and other animal based studies. Because of the fact that caffeine has been around for so long, there are hundreds of clinical studies, including some human clinical trials that ingredients like raspberry ketones just don’t have.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that Forged Burner doesn’t have clinically proven weight loss benefits in human subjects. It just means that you have to be a little bit more guarded about what you expect, unless of course future studies come out and show that these ingredients are just as reliable as caffeine. Until then, we find that there are quite a few consumers who will stick to the tried and true, even if there are side effects.

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