Forskohlii Diet Fuel Review

Created by TwinLab, we have noticed products like Forskohlii Diet Fuel turning in the right direction. Believe it or not, there are clinically proven weight loss ingredients and consequently products that focus on those ingredients! Forskohlii Diet Fuel’s signature is the completely stimulant-free coleus forskohlii.

What is Forskohlii?

This ingredient may not seem overly exciting to some dieters, but others are jumping right on board. Why? Because clinical studies have proven that this ingredient can increase metabolism by supporting healthy lean muscle mass and suppress appetite at the same time without any stimulants. Studies do use rather high amounts, requiring at least 1000mg, but considering the numbers, many consider this ingredient to be worth it.

After all, lean muscle mass looks a lot better than fat AND lean muscle mass makes weight maintenance considerably easier. In addition, Forskohlii Diet Fuel has just 2 other targeted ingredients that are completely natural and have been used to promote weight loss in the past.

What Are the Other Ingredients in Forskohlii Diet Fuel?

Forskohlii Diet Fuel also uses green tea and chromium, both of which have been used in the past to promote healthy weight loss. Green tea may be the most famous fat burner in the industry, and chromium helps dieters in a more roundabout way. More specifically, chromium controls blood sugar, which can regulate body fat and support lean muscle mass.

Without question, chromium is not meant to promote strong weight loss alone. You do need other active weight loss ingredients, but Forskohlii Diet Fuel clearly has those ingredients.

Is Forskohlii Diet Fuel a Powerful Fat Burner?

Forskohlii Diet Fuel uses fat burning and lean muscle building ingredients that can definitely promote weight loss. In fact, this TwinLab product is one of the few that we have seen that actually lists the individual doses instead of hiding behind a proprietary blend or some other sneaky tactic.

Unfortunately, this is not enough. Because we can see all of the details of Forskohlii Diet Fuel’s formula, we know that this fat burning blend does not quite have enough of the stronger weight loss ingredients. Forskohlii Diet Fuel has 200mcg of chromium, which is more of a backup. However, Forskohlii Diet Fuel does not have 400mg of green tea or for that matter 1000mg of coleus forskohlii, instead using a mere 125mg.

Is Forskohlii Diet Fuel a Good Value?

Forskohlii Diet Fuel is half the price of many other popular diet pills that hide behind proprietary blends and use ingredients that shouldn’t even be there in the first place. Without question, Forskohlii Diet Fuel is a better value than the usual. We don’t believe that you should spend a single penny on diet pills that don’t actually help you to lose weight.

However, in comparison to the competition, Forskohlii Diet Fuel has far exceeded any normal expectations. $18 is cheaper than most diet pills in general. Considering the fact that Forskohlii Diet Fuel is actually better than 80% of diet pills, we do believe that Forskohlii Diet Fuel is a fair value for what you are actually getting.

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