Future Shape Fat Binder Review

future shape fat binder

Future Shape Fat Binder is part of a unique product line designed to help consumers attack fat from multiple angles. When used with other Future Shape products, this particular fat binder is said to help you lose more weight than ever before.

Unlike other appetite suppressants, Future Shape Fat Binder doesn’t alter chemicals or hormones to suppress hunger signals to the brain. Instead, Future Shape Fat Binder uses fibers and all-natural herbs to add bulk without the bulge, filling up your stomach without adding on extra calories. Then it binds to the fats that are eaten, creating a molecule too large to be absorbed in the digestive tract so it can be eliminated with other waste.

Future Shape Fat Binder seems to be an all-natural way to increase your fiber intake, much like the popular product 7-DFBX, but does that mean it’s an effective tool for weight loss as well?

Ingredient Information

Future Shape Fat Binder attacks weight loss head on by helping you cut back on calories. Like so many other diet pills, Future Shape Fat Binder tricks your brain into feeling fuller for longer periods of time, making it easier to say “no” to that extra helping of your favorite dessert. Then, it takes this approach one step further by inhibiting the absorption of those calories in the digestive track.

In order to achieve this effect, Future Shape Fat Binder uses the following ingredients:

Lipoxitral: This is the main ingredient found in Future Shape Fat Binder and is essentially a fiber complex created from a prickly pear cactus. Although studies are still being conducted, Lipoxitral may be able to reduce fat absorption by as much as 25%.

GlycoLite: GlycoLite is a patented form of white kidney bean extract, which is a standard ingredient among fat blockers and binders. White kidney bean can inhibit the absorption of starches and fats.

Zenolite: Zenolite seems to be a popular ingredient in the Future Shape product line but not anywhere else. Clinical information is almost non-existent, which makes me question its results, but supposedly this herb will block the absorption of carbs.


• Reduces cravings and appetite
• Stimulant Free
• Vegetarian friendly
• Trustworthy manufacturers


• Might not work for everyone
• May cause negative side effects
• Expensive retail price
• Doesn’t compensate for a poor diet

Safety and Side Effects

Fiber is a great way to improve your overall health and stimulate weight loss, on the other hand, have you ever heard of the phrase, “too much of a good thing?”

Most adults don’t get enough fiber, and suddenly increasing fiber intake can be hard on the digestive tract, resulting in negative side effects such as bloating, cramping, constipation, diarrhea, and gas. It’s best to slowly increase the amount of fiber you consume in your diet until you are certain your body can handle the roughage.

Product Pricing

Future Shape Fat Binder costs the same ridiculously high price as all the other Future Shape products: $67.83 for 120 tablets.

While you might be willing to spend that much on a diet pill, you want to make sure that you’re getting the best that money can buy. Future Shape Fat Binder does have a few good ingredients and fibers, but you could easily find the ingredients elsewhere for half the cost.


Future Shape Fat Binder follows the same formula as many other fat binders and blockers: increasing fiber to inhibit the absorption of fat. The technique works , and it has been very successful among various diet pills and supplements, so this pill will probably help you lose at least a few pounds.

However, for the price, Future Shape Fat Binder is simply not that great of deal. If you want a more budget-friendly formula, then I suggest trying 7-DFBX. Although not a fat-binder or blocker, 7-DFBX offers numerous fibers and herbs to suppress your appetite and cut back on calories – for less than $20 a bottle!

You can read more about what else 7-DFBX can do by visiting 7-DFBX.com.

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