GE Pharma Firestorm Review

Focusing on 25mg of ephedrine, some of you might be a little confused with GE Pharma Firestorm. After all, wasn’t ephedrine banned? Technically it was, and then the ban was overturned as long as manufacturers only used limited amounts, leading to products like GE Pharma Firestorm, which uses 25mg of ephedrine instead of the previously popular 250mg, combined with other weight loss ingredients this time around.

Isn’t Ephedrine Strong Enough to Stand On Its Own?

Based on all we continue to hear about the effectiveness of ephedrine and the power behind ephedrine, you would think it would be powerful enough to promote weight loss all on its own. However, based on the new restrictions on ephedrine, it’s not quite the same as it used to be. Companies are only allowed to use amounts of ephedrine that have been deemed to be fairly benign.

The idea is to protect the general public from serious health risks, but in the process the government has eliminated potential benefits (because you have to use the clinically proven amounts of any ingredient to get clinically proven weight loss). Companies like GE Pharma Firestorm now have to use more comprehensive formulas.

What Does GE Pharma Firestorm Add To This?

In addition to the 25mg of ephedrine that we assume is mostly there for show, GE Pharma Firestorm has quite a few clinically proven weight loss ingredients. It uses fat burners such as caffeine anhydrous, green tea, and synephrine as well as the appetite suppressant phenylethylamine, which some say is prescription grade without the side effects or complications.

Most importantly, it is completely legal to use the clinically proven amounts of all of these ingredients. Technically, these ingredients on their own are marketed to do everything that ephedrine once did, at least in relation to weight loss.

Does GE Pharma Firestorm Have the Power to Help You To Lose Weight?

GE Pharma Firestorm uses ingredients that can promote weight loss, and it uses a combination that seems pretty convincing, at least on the surface. We have quite a few reasons to believe that GE Pharma Firestorm could help you to lose more weight.

GE Pharma Firestorm does not use proprietary blends, meaning we can tell exactly how much synephrine or exactly how much phenylethylamine GE Pharma Firestorm uses. Unfortunately, based on the studies we have at our disposal right now, GE Pharma Firestorm does not seem to have the amounts of any ingredient we’ve seen used in positive clinical studies.

For example, instead of using 400mg of green tea that has been studied, GE Pharma Firestorm uses 15mg. Is it possible that the studies simply haven’t properly studied smaller amounts? Yes, but we’re not really sure that these studies would prove that 15mg of green tea is enough.

Regardless of what we think, maybe GE Pharma Firestorm helped you to lose more weight. It is possible that GE Pharma Firestorm could be more than we would normally expect. If you have used GE Pharma Firestorm therefore, please let us know what you think below this review.

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