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total lean cla

GNC recently pumped out yet another supplement for weight loss, this time capitalizing on the popularity of CLA, a fatty acid that will supposedly reduce abdominal fat and help you lose more weight without the use of stimulants: Total Lean CLA.

Total Lean CLA, as manufacturers would have you believe, is an all-natural formula that will enhance and support your metabolism while maintaining lean muscle mass. When combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise, it may be just what you need to improve your BMI and achieve your weight loss goals.

But what’s the secret behind this formula? Is it as amazing as the advertisements make it out to be?

The Real Story Behind CLA

The first time I heard about CLA, I thought it sounded pretty good. While sources admitted that the results were pretty slow, I liked the idea that CLA would gradually burn fat and increase lean muscle mass to improve your body composition over time.

Of course, CLA users were not going to lose 10 pounds in 10 days any time soon, but if they were patient with their body and practiced healthy habits, the CLA would help them target those troublesome fat stores, particularly in the abdominal region.

gnc total lean supplement factsSince Total Lean CLA relied on 2000 mg of CLA, I couldn’t help but be impressed with the manufacturer’s confident in the ingredient.

However, the more research I did, the more all of that started to sound like one big excuse.

There is a grand total of one published clinical study that supports a connection between CLA and weight loss. Scientists studied a group of mice given a high fat diet, and it was discovered that the rats who consumed CLA gained less than those who did not.

The biggest problem with this study is that the scientists tested this theory on mice, not humans. While the results were promising, mice do not function the same way humans do, and there was no guarantee that supplement manufacturers could recreate the same results in human trials.

You can read more about this particular animal study here:

On the other hand, some studies show that CLA provides a powerful way to lower cholesterol, therefore improving heart health. But once again, studies use rats, mice, and hamsters, not human beings. So I do have my concerns.

Here are links to these studies as well:

On the other hand, there are studies that show that CLA has no effect on cholesterol or heart health at all.

Does CLA Target Stomach Fat?

No. Despite supplement manufacturer hype, there is no ingredient that specifically targets abdominal fat, or any other place on the body for the matter. If you’re lucky, you may see an improvement in overall BMI, but considering the studies I listed above, I sincerely doubt you will.

Does it Burn Fat at All?

Total Lean CLA is not a fat burner. It does not contain any ingredients for burning fat, nor will it boost your energy levels or metabolism. It may be able to curb appetite and maintain lean muscle mass (that’s a big maybe), but it will not burn fat.

Potential Risks

GNC Total Lean CLA is completely stimulant free – so no worries about the typical caffeine crash or nausea that you get with other fat burning ingredients. Most consumers reported that they never had any problems in the side effect apartment as far as GNC Total Lean CLA is concerned, despite the fact that CLA has been known to cause stomach upset and diarrhea.

According to experts at WebMD, CLA is safe enough when taken in amounts found in food as well as in larger dosages found in supplements. Experts recommend taking 1.8-7 grams per day to reduce body fat, and even doses as high as 3.4 grams per day have been used. Amounts greater than this offer no additional benefits.

While 2000 mg looks impressive on the label, it converts into 2 grams of CLA. Not that much when you consider that GNC Total Lean CLA sells for nearly $40 a bottle, but it may give you results nonetheless.

Despite its safety, women who are pregnant or nursing should not use this product.

Comparing Total Lean CLA to Pro Performance CLA

Total Lean CLA is not the first CLA supplement GNC has tried to hawk to us as a formula for weight loss. GNC Pro Performance CLA offers the same ingredient, but in different dosages.

GNC Total Lean offers 2000 mg of safflower oil while GNC Pro Performance offers 1000 mg of Clarinol (a registered brand of CLA).

Can You Take CLA with Other Supplements?

Yes. You can combine CLA with other supplements that offer different ingredients for weight loss and it shouldn’t alter or interfere with the effects.

Directions for Use

Total Lean CLA is meant to be taken once or twice daily, two capsules at a time. It doesn’t matter when you take these supplements as it doesn’t have any impact on sleep and is not altered by the presence of food. Some consumers recommend spacing the supplements out a little, such as taking 2 before breakfast and 2 after dinner.

A few consumers complained that the supplements were fairly large and difficult to swallow, so you may need to drink plenty of water to get it down.

It does not need to be refrigerated.

Product Pricing and Guarantee

GNC Total Lean CLA can be bought directly from the manufacturers at for $39.99 per bottle. They back all of their products with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. However, for better deals, I suggest going to sites such as where you can but it for $32.73 a bottle, or better yet, where you an find it for $19.99 per bottle.

Does GNC Total Lean CLA Work?

Consider the research for yourself. GNC Total Lean CLA does not have the clinically proven ingredients, and even the research showing that CLA lowers cholesterol is highly suspect. I hope that my feelings on GNC Total Lean CLA are clear. But if they’re not, please do not buy GNC Total Lean CLA.

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