hCG Boost Review

Burn fat, lose weight, and do it for free! We understand why that has a nice ring, for just about everyone. In fact to many consumers, this sounds too good to be true. However, that’s exactly what hCG Boost promises. hCG Boost claims to be the ultimate hCG based diet pill that will burn fat away with the technology of this famous pregnancy hormone while simultaneously increasing your metabolism to help you to keep the weight off.

However, unlike other hCG products, hCG Boost also promises healthy antioxidant benefits, appetite suppression, craving control, and a formula specifically “developed and recommended by physicians.” If all of this is actually true, hCG Boost must have something else, besides hCG that is. Actually, if hCG Boost promotes weight loss at all, this formula must have something other than hCG.

What is hCG?

hCG has become a familiar name in the dieting market, because we have been taught to believe that this one little hormone will provide a weight loss miracle. Okay, maybe not a miracle, but people have been known to lose as much as a pound a day on the hCG Diet. Where we get lost and lose all logic is when makers tell us that hCG is a pregnancy hormone. The whole idea is completely counterintuitive.

The fact that the hCG Diet requires you to cut yourself down to 500 calories a day total just adds to that doubt. After all, we have always had our doubts about the safety of losing weight that fast. However, if you have to starve yourself to lose weight, how effective can the product really be.

Does hCG Boost Follow the hCG Philosophy?

hCG Boost uses just one key ingredient, not really detailing a full formula. This one ingredient can be effective, and clinical studies have proven that green coffee bean can be used as a natural fat burner and antioxidant. This ingredient has been clinically proven to promote healthy weight loss, and not just because of caffeine. Green coffee bean also has a stimulant-free extract called Svetol.

This natural extract has been clinically proven in the past to burn fat and increase metabolism without causing side effects for most people. Based on all of this, you would think that hCG Boost would be an amazing diet pill, even with the bad advertising.

What Went Wrong?

The problem is that based on the formula alone, we don’t know a whole lot about hCG Boost. hCG Boost only highlights one ingredient, and makers don’t even bother telling us how much green coffee bean you will find. hCG Boost could use 50mg or 500mg for all we know. However, most products that use this approach tend to use smaller and unproven amounts.

Of course, the other ingredients, that are currently unnamed, could cause other side effects, or those ingredients may not be applicable at all. We have no way of knowing for sure, because hCG Boost doesn’t tell us.

So far, all of this mystery is a bit disconcerting to say the least. We really know almost nothing at all. We would of course like to give hCG Boost the benefit of the doubt, but when there is so much building up against a product, we generally find that product is just not worth the effort.

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