HCG Platinum Maintain Review

HCG Platinum MaintainEvery once in a while, we find one of our reviewers using a certain product, which gives us the perfect opportunity to give you a first-hand account. There is a certain amount of bias.

But none of us are perfect, and we figure, it gives you a chance to hear from someone who really knows. HCG Platinum Maintain was chosen, because it provides a low cost alternative to an expensive spa sold product. But you can judge for yourself if it works.

Personal Experience with HCG Platinum Maintain

An old family friend who is a DO(doctor of osteopathy) raved about the HCG diet for months. I could never get away from it, like a parasite. He’s never been much of a salesman. But when you see a close friend losing 50, 60, eventually 80 pounds, it’s hard not to notice. I considered the logistics, and I came to the conclusion that there was no way that I could afford the HCG Diet.

So I looked around online, and I found some pretty positive reviews with HCG Platinum Maintain. My friend’s main complaint about HCG was the morning sickness if you will, and I saw no complaints about that with HCG Platinum Maintain. So I tried it.

I Lost Weight

I used it in cycles, and I followed the 500 calorie diet as suggested. I got diet tips from my friend, and while I wasn’t up for much exercise, the pounds peeled off. The first cycle, I lost a pound a day without exercising! For someone like me, that’s a dream come true! I hate the treadmill, I hate the weight machines, I hate exercise! My second cycle, my weight loss slowed down, and I started taking 30 minute walks with the dog, which is actually not that bad. By the third cycle, I was exercising for at least 1 hour every day, and I was still following the diet. All-together, I lost 54 pounds. Amazing right?

After the Diet

I tried really hard. I followed a healthy diet, I stuck to a lot of fruits and vegetables, I even maintained hour long workouts every single day! Within a few months, I gained back 40 pounds. I talked to nutritionists, I even worked with a personal trainer. At the 40 pound mark, my body finally adjusted back to a pretty healthy metabolism. So I lost a grand total of 10 pounds. I don’t think I need to specify this. But I was hoping for more.

The Cost

I paid $425 over a few months’ time. It could just be me. But I thought that $425 would equal out to more than 10 pounds.

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