HCG Platinum Meal Replacement Drink Review

Is the HCG Platinum Meal Replacement Drink as horrible as they say? Or is it as great as some say? I don’t think it’s quite as bad as the HCG Diet. But I still give it a D. Let me explain why.

The HCG Platinum website talks about a product that can help you to lose up to 1 pound per day, which we’ve heard on multiple radio commercials and we’ve seen it in ads littered across the internet. It’s old news to us. But the HCG Platinum Meal Replacement Drink site is anything but informative. They want to make a quick sale by getting you so excited that you won’t think to ask questions.

Obviously, that’s what we could call good marketing. It makes sales. After all, HCG Platinum Meal Replacement Drink is popular enough to sell in GNC. But it’s good for them, not for you. You should have every applicable bit of information available to you before buying!

This is not to say that there is nothing good to say about HCG Platinum Meal Replacement Drink. HCG Platinum Meal Replacement Drink has some pretty decent ingredients like l-arginine and l-ornithine. L-arginine is the stronger of the two, being proven to increase the body’s ability to produce more HGH. That’s HGH, not HCG.

What is so Special About HGH?

HGH is commonly referred to as the Human Growth Hormone. It decreases with age, much like collagen and elastin. But when you lose HGH, it’s not just your skin that suffers. This loss is why your body starts to collect more fat and loses lean muscle mass, even disrupting your sleep patterns as you age. Replacing HGH at least temporarily reverses this inevitable process.

Why Doesn’t HCG Platinum Meal Replacement Drink Call Itself HGH?

The HGH market is legitimate. But some also consider it to be oversaturated. HCG on the other hand is still fresh for the taking. So products like HCG Platinum Meal Replacement Drink focus on HCG, a major pregnancy hormone. The problem with this strategy is that it’s counterintuitive if you really think about it. They claim to make your body think it’s pregnant, i.e. pregnant women gain weight, and logically you should gain weight using it. The kicker is that some people actually lose weight on the HCG Diet.

Keep in mind, we didn’t say people lose weight on the HCG Platinum Meal Replacement Drink. That never happens, because even though you get some good ingredients, they use homeopathy, in other words the only active ingredient in HCG Platinum Meal Replacement Drink is water. But here’s a little insight.

People lose weight when they use the HCG Diet, because they are starving themselves. Makers and administrators of the HCG Diet recommend that you cut your calorie intake down to 500 calories a day. Yes, some people do lose 1 pound a day…..for about 2-3 weeks. But physiologically speaking, you should be losing more.

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