HCG Platinum X-30 Plus Review

HCG Platinum X-30 PlusYou’ve heard about “HCG” and its power in releasing stubborn and abnormal body fat. You even have a friend who successfully lost weight through having HCG injections at a clinic.

But you’re scared of shots, and have heard about side effects like swelling around the injection site, and uncomfortable abdominal bloating and stomach irritation. Bottom line—there’s no way a doctor is going anywhere near you with a needle!

HCG Platinum X-30 Plus may be able to offer a less invasive solution. Packed with L-amino acids which work on the hypothalamus area of the brain and signals for your body to release fat, HCG Platinum X-30 Plus is a liquid form of HCG which you add to water and drink twice a day.

HCG Platinum X-30 Plus Testimonials

These are from the official HCG Platinum website:

“This is the easiest and best diet ever! I was wearing a size 14/16, I am now wearing a size 6.”
~ Delissa

“My start weight was 212…I wore a size 20 pants. AIso I am happy to report that I have lost 20 pounds.”
~ Alia

“I was able to drop 44 lbs.!!! It is a great jumpstart to a healthy lifestyle.”
~ Drew

“I’ve tried many fad diets, but this helped me to lose 47 lbs.”
~ Ellen

“Not only did I lose 22 lbs., but…When I wake up, I feel rested, peaceful, and very energetic all day long.”
~ Janice

What’s Inside HCG Platinum X-30 Plus?

HCG Platinum X-30 Plus contains 100 mgs of HCG Platinum Brand Amino Acid Blend 100 mg which triggers the brain to release the energy from fat cells so they start disappearing!

Also included is 150 mg of clinically proven African Mango which controls appetite. It’s able to do this as African Mango is high in fiber and swells in the body, creating an illusion of fullness. This obviously keeps your digestive tract healthy and removes toxin “waste weight” too. But that’s not all; African Mango decreases the rate in which food leaves the stomach, preventing your blood sugar from rising and causing an issue with appetite.

Finally Vitamin B12 60 mcg is added for its ability to energize the body under dieting duress.

HCG Platinum X-30 Plus Price and Safety

HCG Platinum X-30 Plus is $75.99 for a one-month supply, and comes with a booklet containing 14 recipes.

Two bottles can be purchased for $129.98—which is a $22 savings.

Most users of HCG Platinum X-30 Plus require two months to lose all the body fat.

What’s the Rub?

HCG Platinum X-30 Plus and other HCG diets work in direct correlation with a low-calorie diet, which entirely leaves out high-starch and high-sugar foods. You will need to strictly follow the “Diet Plan” that comes with this 30-day program for it to prove effective.

Most HCG diets require that you only consume 500 calories a day—but HCG Platinum X-30 Plus does not divulge that information on its official site.

HCG Platinum X-30 Plus Conclusion

Only try HCG Platinum X-30 Plus if you have supreme willpower and are simply determined to shed your weight in around 30 days. This program will take absolute commitment.

For the rest of you, try one of our top-rated diet pills instead. You may lose weight slower, but it will come off—and you can eat healthily.

Good luck!

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