HCG Solution Mini-Tabs Review

hcg solution mini-tabs

If you’re thinking of jumping on the HCG bandwagon, then you might be considering on purchasing a reliable HCG product that will help give you the energy you need to stay alert while you cut calories and shed those extra pounds.

HCG Solution Mini-tabs is said to be the perfect solution for help you to lose that weight fast, without the negative side-effects.

Created by NiGen Biotech, HCG Solution Mini-tabs appears to be a quality product that will help you lose more weight while you’re on the HCG Diet. By providing your body with essential amino acids for building muscle and boosting metabolism, HCG Solution Mini-tabs will supposedly help you reach your weight loss goals.

However, we can’t help but wonder if there’s more than meets the eye with this promising new product. To help you find the best product for money, we’ve analyzed HCG Solution Mini-tabs for both quality and effectiveness, taking an insider’s look into its fat burning formula.


A quick look at the ingredient label will reveal that HCG Solution Mini-Tabs contains the following amino acids and additional ingredients for weight loss:

L-Arginine – One of many essential amino acids for maintaining a healthy body, L-Arginine helps to improve blood flow and circulation by converting into Nitric Oxide. Nitrix Oxide is a powerful neurotransmitter than helps blood vessels to relax and helping to improve symptoms of clogged arteries.

L-Glutamine – Building muscle is important for burning fat and keeping trim, and in order to help reduce recovery time after an intense workout, your body needs an adequate supply of L-Glutamine. This essential amino acid helps to prevent muscle catabolism, reducing the effects of muscle soreness.

Caffeine – This natural stimulant interacts with your body’s adenosine receptors to trigger an agitated response in your central nervous system, resulting in a heightened sense of focus and mental acuity as well as dramatic increases in energy levels. Unfortunately, too much caffeine can result in headaches, jitters, and insomnia.

Green tea Leaf extract – Used for thousands of years in ancient China, Green Tea Leaf extract offers a wide variety of health benefits, including a speedy metabolism and a natural increase in energy levels. Green Tea is rich in catechins and antioxidants, so you can perform at your peak.

This formula is basically the tablet equivalent of Nigen Biotech’s HCG Solution (in liquid form), so be sure to read this in-depth review for more information.

Product Pricing and Guarantee

HCG Solution Mini-Tabs can be purchased from myhcgsolution.com for $29.99 per bottle. Additional deals are available on the website, such as buy 2 gt 1 free with free shipping for $59.98, but I think for the best deal, I’d go to other distributors such as Amazon.com where they sell it for $24.73 a bottle (or less depending on which seller you order it from).

On the other hand, if you’d like to try the formula without putting your money on the line, then maybe the manufacturers are the best choice due to the fact that they back their products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee (you have 30 days to return it). To contact their customer service and get started, you can call them at 800-414-4220.

Will it Work?

Judging from the ingredients, we can assume that HCG Solution Mini-tabs is a safe way to lose weight, though it’s probably not the strongest formula on the market. This product has the potential to help give you that little extra boost you need to keep going strong, while providing your body with essential amino acids and other ingredients it needs to build muscle and burn fat.

The concentrations in HCG Solution are low enough that any negative side-effects should be mild – but don’t expect any miracle results while taking this formula simply because the concentrations are so small.

HCG Diets, on the other hand, can be dangerous when not done properly. By taking your calorie count to such an extreme, restricting your diet to a mere 500 calories a day, you put your body at risk for serious and long-term health issues. HCG Diets puts your body into starvation mode, which can help you lose weight, but can also slow down your metabolism.

By the time you start eating normally again, you’ll gain the weight back faster than it took you to lose it.

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