Healthe Trim Review

Healthe Trim claims to change your life forever. If you have tried plan after plan, still struggling with your weight, your life is about to change with the “#1 natural weight loss supplement in the world.”

They say it helps you to lose weight now, curb your appetite, and give you the long lasting energy boost that will make you feel great! Featured on major radio stations across the country, MOJO of MOJO in the morning brags about losing over 100 pounds with Healthe Trim. Let’s read up on Healthe Trim.

Healthe Trim ingredients include Reservatrol, Green tea leaf extract, Hoodia gordonii extract, Caralluma fimbriata, Coix seed, Poria cocos, Cassia seed, Lotus leaf, Water plaintain, Cumquat, Methionine, Mulberry leaf, Garcinia cambogia, Gymnema sylvestre, Eleutherococcus senticosus, Pyruvate, and Trace minerals.

Healthe Trim Formula

Healthe Trim utilizes a blend of some of the best natural weight loss supplements offered. They use green tea, caralluma fimbriata, and others such as ginseng and garcinia cambogia. These ingredients can produce potentially revolutionary fat burning and appetite suppression. Healthe Trim is one of many largely predicated on Chinese medicine.

How Effective Is Chinese Medicine?

Some ingredients used in ancient Chinese medicine have been extensively studied and proven. But there are just as many that have never been proven to have any known effect on health of their designated uses. Even among those that have been proven, only some of them promote weight loss results.

What Does This Mean For Healthe Trim?

Healthe Trim has a blend that includes some ingredients clinically proven to promote weight loss results, green tea being the best known option. But they have more ingredients founded in Chinese medicine that have never been proven to have any clinically proven results, let alone in weight loss.

Some of the ingredients have even been disproven! Hoodia, as far as studies conducted so far have shown, has no known benefits. It’s not just limited to appetite suppression. And “trace minerals” could well encompass hundreds of different ingredients. But the thing that makes Healthe Trim entirely ineffective is the fact that they do not have the clinically proven amounts of the effective ingredients that are used.

Healthe Trim – Conclusion

Healthe Trim recommends that you drink lots of water, which acts as a natural appetite suppressant on its own. They recommend using a healthy diet and exercise program, and they suggest you make changes that would promote weight loss, hoping that you won’t notice the difference that Healthe Trim is not making.

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