HGH Advanced Review

HGH Advanced is relatively new to the market, and it doesn’t have quite the reputation or history of some longer standing products. Being us and with so many updates and innovations always hitting the HGH market, we have considered the idea that this may actually be better. Yes, we like history, but we also like up to date information and the latest (and you would assume strongest) innovations.

HGH Advanced Ingredients

HGH Advanced uses a variety of ingredients that may look like a plain workout supplement to some. After all, it uses plenty of amino acids, natural energy supplements, etc. The difference is that HGH Advanced also has less recognizable, but more HGH potent ingredients like colostrum, an ingredient clinically proven to actively increase the body’s own natural levels of HGH.

Benefits of HGH Advanced

Based on the ingredients we found in HGH Advanced, we can safely say that HGH Advanced has a lot of benefits, we would even daresay all of the major benefits of HGH. We wouldn’t put it past HGH Advanced to reverse some of the early signs of aging, reducing wrinkles, increasing energy, etc. That said, we can honestly say that we also believe HGH Advanced’s formula capable of healthy fat burning and muscle building results, and HGH Advanced does mention quite a few.

For example, HGH Advanced mentions an increased sex drive and improved mood and sleep patterns. We’ve just noticed that HGH Advanced keeps it pretty tame, not necessarily focusing on some of the more extreme benefits that have been associated with HGH, such as a reduced risk of adult onset diabetes, Crohn’s disease, and improved cardiac function and health.

Are There Risks Associated with HGH Advanced?

The official excuse for banning HGH injections is the health problems it could cause. Ironically, the main problem according to some opponents is heart damage. Why is this ironic? Because HGH has technically been clinically proven to improve heart health. On the other hand, we can safely say that we’ve never heard of any serious side effects associated with the ingredients listed in HGH Advanced. We could be wrong, and we could be missing something. So far however, we have yet to find any serious issues.

HGH Advanced – Conclusion

HGH Advanced uses ingredients that have been proven in the right circumstances to increase HGH and promote quite a few benefits, not just what you might think when judging a normal or everyday diet pill. The research on HGH is still under some scrutiny and debate, but we think that the testimonials speak for themselves.

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