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If what you want is a comprehensive weight loss solution that will actually help you to lose weight, Hi5 provides a whole line of products including Hi5 Precision, which is presented as a natural appetite suppressant. Most Americans tend to eat too much, so it makes sense, right?

The Effectiveness of an Appetite Suppressant

As it turns out, clinically proven appetite suppressants provide one of the most effective ways to lose weight. If you eat less, you automatically have fewer calories to burn and you are therefore more likely to lose weight.

Is it foolproof? Absolutely not. If you go from following a basically healthy diet (while eating too much food) to eating less, but only eating Big Macs, you will gain weight. The idea is that a natural appetite suppressant (and there are plenty) will give you an easy way to avoid hunger pangs while you eat less and follow a healthy diet and exercise plan.

Does Hi5 Precision Have Clinically Proven Appetite Suppressants?

If we were to take a leap of faith, we might say that yes, Hi5 Precision might have phenylethylamine, a natural appetite suppressant. However, it would be severely diluted because of the fact that Hi5 Precision only lists “dark chocolate extract.” Yes, phenylethylamine is an extract of chocolate, but you need a certain concentration of phenylethylamine specifically to suppress appetite.

Outside of that, Hi5 Precision has green tea, which would make it more appealing to a lot of consumers if Hi5 Precision were to advertise it based on the studies surrounding green tea. The only problem is that green tea is not an appetite suppressant. It’s a caffeine based tea that might increase metabolism, but that’s not what most Hi5 Precision users aim for.

Most Hi5 Precision users assume that they are getting an appetite suppressant, which is generally stimulant/caffeine free. Obviously, green tea just doesn’t fit that bill.

Is Hi5 Precision a Good Value?

We can’t exactly measure Hi5 Precision against its price, because you cannot just buy Hi5 Precision. Somebody might try to sell it on eBay, but we have not yet seen a consistent price range. In order to buy Hi5 Precision, you have to buy the whole Hi5 Precision kit, which to us seems a little ridiculous.

After all, shouldn’t any diet pill you buy promote weight loss on its own? Why is that you need to buy 5 different diet supplements just to get one with Hi5?

Final Word on Hi5 Precision

We can see why you might buy Hi5 Precision, individually at least. It has healthy antioxidant benefits because of green tea and chocolate, and green tea has definitely been through enough studies to prove that it can burn fat. It makes sense to us.

Yes, it is not exactly in line with its advertised approach, the ingredients aren’t exactly appetite suppressants. However, our biggest deterrent is the price. We can only evaluate Hi5 Precision’s value based on the total price you have to pay to get it, and paying over $100 for a 1 month supply isn’t something that most can afford, let alone is it an amount that we would expect to pay for a green tea diet pill.

You can easily find a green tea diet pill (that is marketed as anything from a fat burner to, in this case, an appetite suppressant) being sold for as little as about $15. The cost comparison just doesn’t make sense. Why would you pay over $100 when you could pay just $15?

If you have used Hi5 Precision and you would like to leave a review, we invite you to do so. Please tell us if it helped you to lose weight, if there were side effects, or anything else you might want to mention.

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