Hi5 Thermo Blast Review

Hi5 Thermo Blast is a fairly typical weight loss formula, designed with popular, largely stimulant based weight loss ingredients and plenty of variety. It is part of a 5 piece kit sold at one time by a small MLM company, meaning that the main draw is not necessarily the product, but rather the compensation plan.

We Haven’t Seen Much of Hi5 Lately

Actually, it seems that Hi5 has basically disappeared. It was never exactly a Noni, Monavie, or Xango. Interestingly enough, Hi5 was actually more expensive than any other MLM company we know of, and as far as we are aware, its compensation plan wasn’t any better (which is how you make your money back and hopefully make more), which we believe led to its downfall.

Associates had a harder time selling a product (a 5 piece kit including Hi5 Thermo Blast) that cost consumers anywhere from $200 to $1000 a month), and even if said associates had somehow gotten maybe 5 people to join, the product itself would have to stand on 2 very solid legs. The compensation plan was never rich enough.

Is the Hi5 Thermo Blast Formula Solid Enough?

If you are especially sensitive to caffeine, you should reconsider right now. Hi5 Thermo Blast’s whole formula is based on caffeine. However, makers did choose ingredients that are clinically proven to promote weight loss, such as green tea.

Outside of the stimulants (and there are plenty), Hi5 Thermo Blast has other ingredients such as aloe vera which can calm indigestion, l-arginine, which is good for healthy lean muscle mass, etc., but most of the weight loss benefits are because Hi5 Thermo Blast uses stimulants such as green tea, bitter orange, and other stimulants that burn fat, but may keep you up at night.

Where To Find Hi5 Thermo Blast

As we mentioned above, we don’t know exactly how to find Hi5 Thermo Blast anymore. It has been, as far as we can tell, discontinued. So far, it seems to have, for all-intensive purposes, disappeared, probably because of the prohibitive cost.

The Hi5 Thermo Blast formula itself is not that bad. It has clinically proven weight loss ingredients, and as long as you don’t plan on going to bed for a few hours, you should be fine. We can see how Hi5 Thermo Blast logically makes sense, in the right context of diet pills of course. However, we would wait for a much lower price and the option to just buy Hi5 Thermo Blast (by itself) before you jump in….unless of course you like spending up to $1000 a month on a weight loss program.

If you would like to leave a review on Hi5 Thermo Blast (specifically, I you have tried Hi5 Thermo Blast at some point in time), we invite you to do so below.

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