Hi5 Thermo Boost Review

Hi5 Thermo Boost

Hi5 Thermo Boost is largely marketed toward men and women who are willing to pay a little more and take a little more time to lose weight. Hi5 Thermo Boost may be pushed as a nighttime fat burner, but if you want one, you have to take it all. You cannot just buy Hi5 Thermo Boost as a nighttime diet aid, you have to buy the whole package.

Is It Worth It To Buy the Whole Package?

We would estimate that you could probably find a product pushed as a nighttime fat burner, like Hi5 Thermo Boost, for about $20-$30 depending on the name behind it (the company name that is). However, there is no way to tell what Hi5 would charge for Hi5 Thermo Boost alone, it’s just not an option.

Instead, you can easily expect to pay over $100 for products that you don’t necessarily know that you want or need.

Why Would You Buy the Whole Kit?

Believe it or not, our bodies function differently, not everybody is quite the same. Because of this, there is no one diet pill that is effective for everybody, and call it a shot in the dark, but Hi5 Thermo Boost does try to address this problem.

There are some diet pills that use multiple “proprietary blends” to try to approach weight loss from every angle. The idea here is that if this diet pill doesn’t work for you, maybe this nighttime liquid fat burner will, or maybe you need the meal replacements. Either way, you get it all.

It can be difficult if not impossible to tell what product out of these or what combination of products in this kit actually does the job, that is if Hi5 helps you to lose weight at all.

A Little About Hi5 Thermo Boost, Specifically

We have our doubts as to if Hi5 Thermo Boost is capable of helping you to lose weight at all or not. Truth be told, we don’t see half the ingredients in Hi5 Thermo Boost helping you to lose weight any time soon. Then again, the research that would prove or disprove anything you might use at night is a bit scarce. How do you really know?

Yes, Hi5 Thermo Boost has ingredients such as garcinia cambogia, which is both stimulant free and has been clinically proven to burn more fat. It’s hard to say however whether or not something like that would promote weight loss at night, because it has only been tested during the day.

Why Do We Support Some Nighttime Fat Burners?

If you have read some of our other reviews, you might have noticed there are some nighttime fat burners that we love. Just like Hi5 Thermo Boost, many of these have ingredients that have been clinically proven in daytime use trials, and based on pure scientific evidence, we still can’t say which ingredients are effective and which ones are not.

However, based on consumer reviews we have seen swirling around nighttime diet pills, which may or may not include Hi5 Thermo Boost if dieters were to buy it on its own, it is a lot easier to support some nighttime fat burners than others.

So far, we are on the fence about Hi5 Thermo Boost, because we can’t seem to find many consumers who have used just this one product.

Want to sway our opinion and our view on Hi5 Thermo Boost? If you have used Hi5 Thermo Boost on its own (without the other 4 pieces of the Hi5 kit), please feel free to leave us your review, telling us how effective or ineffective it was for you and any other comments you care to leave.

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