Hit Review

Hit Have you ever been hit before? Doesn’t feel good, right? Now have you ever tried hit? According to researchers and those who have tried this weight loss supplement, you are missing out if you answered “no.”

Hit stands for high intensity thermogenic and is a fat burner designed to also boost energy and improve mental focus. The makers of Hit claim that you can experience an extreme boost of energy along with intense focus and effective fat burning. Let’s put Hit to the test.

The Eye Test

Hit has a list of ingredients that are not your typical weight loss ingredients. Other than caffeine, you aren’t going to find common ingredients you normally see in other weight loss products. This has the potential to be another one of those wannabe supplements that contains “new and improved” ingredients. Let’s take a look.

Caffeine: As we mentioned earlier, caffeine is included in this formula. Some users don’t like the effects they experience with caffeine, but many enjoy feeling that burst of energy and greater focus.

Alchemilla vulgaris, Olea europaea, Mentha longifolia, Cuminum cyminum: The reason these four ingredients are listed together is because a 2008 study showed that the combination of these ingredients resulted in significant weight loss among the 66 human participants.

Coffea Arabica: According to researchers, this form of green coffee is effective at converting stored fat into energy, resulting in weight loss and increased energy.

Along with these ingredients are a few others that are natural and clinically prove to reduce fat, increase energy, and even suppress appetite.

Consumer reviews are also generally positive when it comes to Hit. Most users claim to have experienced greater energy and reduced appetite.

Eye Score: 9/10

The Safety Test

Since Hit contains all natural ingredients, you are not likely to experience any serious adverse effects. However, some stimulants in this blend, particularly caffeine, have been shown to cause side effects that include headache, jitters, restlessness, and can even be as serious as stroke and live damage.

Overall, Hit appears to be a highly safe supplement, especially when taken as directed. However, you should always consult your healthcare provider before taking any diet supplement.

Safety Score: 8/10

The Wallet Test

Hit comes at an average price when compared to other weight loss supplements on the market, $45. But the problem we have with Hit is that it is sold exclusively through GNC. We are not saying we don’t trust or approve of GNC, but we would prefer to be able to shop around for the best price. Since other retailers aren’t able to compete, you get a higher price that you would otherwise.

That said, Hit still appears to be a good value at $45 and we would recommend spending the money to buy it.

Wallet Score: 7/10

Overall Score

Hit appears to be both safe and effective, and even though it comes at a fairly steep price and isn’t offered anywhere outside of GNC, we still feel like it is a good value to most consumers.

Overall Score: 8/10

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