Hoodia Spray Review

Hoodia Spray is exactly what it sounds like: a spray that you spray under your tongue that happens to list hoodia as its key ingredient. According to Hoodia Spray, it is made with only the finest hoodia, suppressing appetite and helping you to eat less and cut calories without extreme dieting. This natural spray does not require that you use pills, and it is described as having a pleasant taste.

Does Hoodia Spray Suppress Appetite?

Based on the fact that hoodia is the only ingredient listed in Hoodia Spray, we would have to say no. Hoodia has been through multiple studies, and every study so far has shown that hoodia does not have any clinically proven benefits so far.

Yes, hoodia has been used by the South African bushmen. However, the most likely explanation for that is the fact that hoodia can be found across the Kalahari desert, and logically it can be found while the bushmen are on hunting trips, therefore being used as a consistent source of food. Due to severe malnutrition and irregular eating habits, it is also likely that the average bushman’s stomach is considerably smaller, making it easier to reach satiety without eating nearly as much.

Does Hoodia Spray Have Other Weight loss Benefits?

Hoodia Spray again only uses hoodia, a cactus found in South Africa that has never been through any clinical studies that prove any benefits at all, including appetite suppression or other weight loss benefits. Hoodia is not a fat burner, an appetite suppressant, a lean muscle builder, or anything else.

Hoodia Spray does not list any other ingredients such as green tea, phenylethylamine, or African mango which could actually be considered weight loss ingredients. It just relies on this one ingredient, which has been popular, but unproven.


Hoodia Spray appeals to consumers based on the fact that it uses the ever popular hoodia and the fact that it uses a spray that goes under the tongue rather than requiring users to swallow pills or even some kind of drink. Hoodia Spray keeps its advertisements basic, but the formula itself, with just one ingredient, does not have the power, based on that one ingredient, to help you to lose weight.

It is possible that Hoodia Spray is hiding details, and if so, Hoodia Spray might have other ingredients that are clinically proven to help you to lose more weight. However, based on the information we have so far, we cannot suggest Hoodia Spray as a valid weight loss alternative.

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