How to Naturally Lose Weight

natural weight loss

Obesity is a rather modern problem. In times of old, having extra pounds was quite unusual, especially in refined cultures like ancient Greece, where moderation was praised and over-indulgence frowned up.

The Greeks saw the world in five classical elements: fire, water, wind, earth, and quintessence. Though our modern sciences have become much more complex, these simple elements can shed light on the secret of weight loss: here’s how you can finally have the body of a Greek deity!


Alright, so you saw this one coming: exercise! The ancients were much more active than we are today. However, very few of them were Olympic athletes: like today, most people of old were “average Juliuses”.

It’s the little things that make a difference when it comes to exercise: use the stairs instead of the elevator, or walk and bike to work if it’s close enough. Though technology has made our lives easier, it has also made us lazier. If you want to burn fat, burn it with a little extra effort each day.


Drink lots of water! The body’s signal for thirst is very similar to that of hunger; for this reason people will often eat when their body is telling them it’s hungry. When those pangs for a snack pop up, try drinking a glass of water instead.

And drink a glass of water before a meal. Not only will it fill up some of your stomach so you won’t have as voracious an appetite, but it will get your metabolism going before you start eating.


Remember to relax! Take time to take a breather for yourself. If you’re so busy with your daily schedule that you can’t relax, chances are you won’t have time to get proper exercise or rest as well.

Stress will put your body into “survival mode” where it thinks there’s a problem it needs to prepare for. It does this by packing on fat “just in case”. Stress is a major cause of obesity today.


Don’t forget to eat healthy! Get the right balance of carbs, proteins and fats. If you’re having trouble getting that proper balance, try natural weight loss supplements which can fill in the gap that dieting and exercise can’t


This is probably the most important “element” to losing weight. Also known as Æther or the heavenly element, quintessence makes up the divine. So remember to stay positive! Millions of modern Americans have lost weight. And you can attain that divine body you’ve always dreamed of too.

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