How to Stop Feeling Hungry While On a Diet

how to stop feeling hungry

According to Richard Klein, author of Chronicle of Higher Education, “At any given time, it is estimated that 50 percent of all women are on diets, and 95 percent of all diets fail. The more we diet, the fatter we seem to become. . .”

It’s pretty discouraging isn’t it?

Just when you finally get enough motivation to battle the fat and cut back on calories, the statistics say you’re going to fail and your body fights you every step of the way with its constant growling. The harder you try, the more it seems that the scale refuses to budge.

But don’t give up yet!

Just because dieting isn’t easy doesn’t mean you can’t beat the system. The key to maintaining healthy weight loss lies in making sustainable lifelong changes, and the first step to trimming off those extra inches along your waistline is to analyze your diet.

Although you don’t have to cut back your calories to the point of starvation, experts recommend creating a 500 calorie deficit a day in order to drop one pound a week. If you’re body isn’t used to cutting out those calories, then you’re obviously going to feel a little hungry now and then.

Rather than letting your constant stomach growling distract you from losing weight, these tips and tricks will show you how to stop feeling hungry even when you’re eating fewer calories per day.

Stay Hydrated

More often than not, we tend to confuse hunger with thirst and we check the fridge rather than the sink. Water is the zero-calorie solution for helping you feel full throughout the day, so aim for at least 8 cups a day (more if you’re exercising regularly).

Eat More Fiber

Fiber is the indigestible part of plant-based food that can fill up the stomach (so you feel full), delay stomach emptying (so you feel fuller longer) and can prevent blood sugar levels from dropping and spiking too quickly (so you don’t crave food as much).

Studies have shown that fiber only contains 1.5-2.5 calories per gram while carbohydrates can pack as much as 4 – which means you can eat fewer calories per day while still getting the satisfaction from eating what feels like a lot. Fruits and vegetables are loaded with fiber without the extra calories, so aim for around 25-35 grams per day.

Seek Out Low-Density Foods

watermelonLow-density foods are foods that are low in calories per gram, which means you can eat more (to create the sensation of fullness) when you’re actually eating less. Low-density foods typically contain a lot more water, adding volume and weight to your meal without the extra bulge in your waistline.

Interestingly, simply drinking a glass of water with your meal doesn’t trigger satiety in the same way that foods rich in water do.

Research has revealed that there are separate mechanisms in the brain to regulate hunger and thirst, and if the food is filled with water it stays in the stomach longer and can give you more satisfaction with your meal.

Try an Appetite Suppressant

While you have to be careful with which diet pill you use, an appetite suppressant may be just what you need to get your appetite back in sync with the rest of your body. Supplements that offer high concentrations of fiber and all-natural foods such as African Mango can help keep your cravings under control while making it easier to stick to your diet. Read more about African Mango at!

Additional Tips

• Chew Slowly and Savor Each Bite
• Avoid Processed Foods
• Give Up the Soda
• Eat More Frequently

You Call the Shots

When you diet, you instantly become aware of how much (or how little) food you are eating, drawing attention to your stomach and your body’s needs. It’s important that you learn how to make the distinction between how hungry you really are vs. a simple food craving, so that way you’re in charge of what you eat and when rather than letting your stomach call all the shots.

Now that you know how to stop feeling hungry, you can start making better decisions about the foods you eat while on a diet, choosing meals that encourage healthier eating habits and lifelong weight loss.

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