HydraDry Review

You have a big event coming up in a couple weeks and you want to look your best. Well, Allmax Nutrition has just the product for you. HydraDry is a diet pill that was designed for people who need a quick fix.

HydraDry has two benefits. It gets rid of excess water under your skin, while keeping you hydrated; and it promotes weight loss using Green Tea Extract.

Information on HydraDry

To get rid of excess water, HydraDry has Dandelion Leaf Extract. This ingredient has been used for decades because of its ability to lessen water retention. Water retention can make your skin look bloated and it can cause the appearance of edema. If you take HydraDry as recommended, you will be consuming 1200 mg of Dandelion Leaf Extract every day. This is an incredibly potent dose and very effective.

Green Tea Extract is an ingredient commonly found in diet pills. That’s because it is one of the best. It has been clinically tested and proven to be safe and effective. It lowers blood sugar levels, decreases unhealthy cholesterol, increases calorie burn, and boosts your metabolism. HydraDry has a potent dose of Green Tea Extract at 600 mg a day.

HydraDry is very concentrated and it is designed to be used for a short period of time. Fourteen days to be exact. This makes it a great diet people who need a quick solution to unwanted weight, either from fat or from water.

The Pros of HydraDry

Because it has such a powerful dose of Dandelion Leaf Extract, HydraDry will help you experience a reduction in water retention. This could make your skin look more toned and your muscles more defined.

HydraDry is used by professional body builders before competitions. It highlights their muscles and skin tone.

HydraDry is very affordable. The retail price is $29.99, but many online sellers offer it for as low as $14.99.

The Cons of HydraDry

HydraDry will not help you lose fat weight. It has some good ingredients that could do this, but you need to consume them for more than two weeks.

HydraDry will cause you to be dehydrated. It has some electrolytes but they still may not be able to keep you properly hydrated.

HydraDry does not seem particularly safe. The warning label clearly states that using this product may expose you to lead. Eliminating excess water in your body and then not keeping you sufficiently hydrated, is a serious issue with HydraDry as well.

Our Opinion

If you are interested in weight loss, we do not recommend that you use HydraDry . It is designed more to be a quick, temporary solution to unattractive water retention. It will not have an effective, long-lasting impact on weight loss.

If you are interested in a product that eliminates excess water, we still do not recommend HydraDry. It has not been tested for safety and could make you dehydrated. The manufacturer has also warned consumers that HydraDry may contain lead! This is an extremely dangerous substance.

There may be other water loss products that are safer than HydraDry. We suggest that you look for one. We know for a fact that there are diet pills which are significantly safer and more effective than HydraDry.

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