Hydroxycut Gummies Review

What many companies have already done for multi-vitamins, Iovate has done for weight loss with new Hydroxycut Gummies. Great tasting weight loss sounds like a delicious proposition. However, when it comes to weight loss trends and supplements, a better taste doesn’t always mean a better product.

Considering all the different Hydroxycut reformulations over the years, my initial reaction to anything labeled Hydroxycut is categorical rejection. However, I wanted to give the gummies a fair shake to see what they bring to the table.

What Are the Side Effects?

Hydroxycut has been recalled and reformulated over the last few years due to reports of adverse side effects. Because of this when I see a new Hydroxycut product, the first question I have is invariably about the safety and possible side effects.

The good news is Hydroxycut Gummies is a stimulant-free product, and the ingredients are all-natural. There are likely no side effects and as of right now, none have yet been reported.

Do Hydroxycut Gummies Work?

Nearly everywhere on the official Hydroxycut website is a reference to a study that says “Average weight loss with key ingredients (lady’s mantle, wild olive, komijn wild mint) was 20.94 lbs. vs. 1.70 lbs. in a 12-week study and 16.50 lbs. vs. 1.73 lbs. in an 8-week study. All groups followed a calorie-reduced diet.”

Keep in mind this research was conducted by the company itself. It hasn’t been published in any peer reviewed journals or verified by other independent researchers.
The uncertainty surrounding the study doesn’t mean the ingredients aren’t capable of producing significant weight loss, but it doesn’t mean they will work either. That’s the biggest problem with a study of this nature.

It is also worth noting that even though the key ingredients were involved in the subjects’ weight loss, the subjects could very well have been on other fat loss supplements in addition to the key ingredients.

The next best thing to determine the potential efficacy of Hydroxycut Gummies is to examine the ingredients themselves.

What’s In Hydroxycut Gummies?

The first part of the ingredient blend called Hydroxyprovia contains the following:
• Lady’s Mantle Extract
• Olive Extract
• Cumin Extract
• Wild Mint Extract

Unfortunately, none of those ingredients are proven fat burners. Wild mint helps with digestion and lady’s mantle is an anti-inflammatory that can also help to stop bleeding. The closest thing to an effective fat burning ingredient is the olive extract, but the overwhelming majority of studies have been conducted on rats. [1]Without human trials, there will be no way to tell how effective olive extract actually is.

The second part of the ingredient blend called Hydroxagen is an antioxidant blend consisting of:
• Goji Extract
• Acerola Concentrate
• Blueberry
• Pomegranate
• Bilberry Extract

Although antioxidants play an important part in keeping cells healthy so they can function optimally, this ingredient blend also lacks proven fat burning ingredients.
Since Hydroxycut is taken before meals, the best you can hope for is that it will help curb appetite so you eat less and lose weight by consuming fewer calories.

Will Hydroxycut Gummies Reduce Belly Fat?

Although there’s nothing in Hydroxycut Gummies that specifically targets belly fat, the gummies could actually increase weight gain. The directions say to take one serving (2 gummies) 3 times a day.

With 30 calories per serving, this adds up to an extra 90 calories a day. Depending on your total caloric intake for the day, Hydroxycut Gummies might have you consuming more calories than you burn, which leads to weight gain- the opposite of what you’re trying to achieve.

How Much Do Hydroxycut Gummies Cost?

The official website sells Hydroxycut Gummies for $24.99 a bottle. This seems reasonable until you look at the directions. If you take the full serving three times a day as suggested, an entire bottle only lasts 10 days. This is not nearly enough time to experience real results from a product. Furthermore, it drives up the cost significantly.

Should You Buy Hydroxycut Gummies?

Hydroxycut Gummies have a great taste and are stimulant free. The gummies also contain all-natural ingredients and won’t cause any jittery side effects. The cost alone, however, should be enough to dissuade anyone from buying it. When you combine that with the lack of proven fat burning ingredients, Hydroxycut Gummies is simply a gummy gimmick that you can do without.


[1] Poudyal H, Campbell F & Brown L (2010) Olive leaf extractattenuates cardiac, hepatic, and metabolic changes in high carbohydrate-, high fat-fed rats. J Nutr 140, 946–953.

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    Just go on a 24 hr fast, drinking lots of water only, green tea too if you want. By that time, most of your cvnairgs should be gone and you’ll experience true hunger. Once it’s over though, MAKE SURE to eat a healthy, light, wholesome breakfast, lunch, and dinner. DO NOT eat junk food or fattening food of any kind; that will just make your cvnairgs for junk food worse.Good food options:whole grain bread/pasta/cereal (look for ones with high fiber content and lower calories)lowfat cheeses and soymilk or skim milk for proteinbaked/grilled meats instead of friedLOTS OF FRUITS AND VEGGIESThe higher fiber and lack of excessive sugar and fat will have you feeling a lot more satisfied and full. Eating this way will be a lot easier after a 24 hr fast because you actually feel true hunger after that time, and pretty much anything tastes good after 24 hrs of no food. It’s a great way to train your tastebuds to like things that are good for you.

    January 6, 2013 at 12:25 pm

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