Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite Review

Hydroxycut Hardcore EliteDo you consider yourself pretty “hardcore”? Are you one of the “elite” members of your gym—faithfully there each day, pumping and sweating until your body pleads “no more”?

If I’ve described you, and you’re looking to take your energy levels and fat burning potential to “the next level”, we may have the right diet pill for you. New from Muscletech body building specialists, is Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite.

Infused with ingredients that will turn up the heat and amp up your stamina, endurance and overall gym performance, Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite will get your heart racing; and keep you mentally and physically focused on your body-transforming goals.

Interested? Remember—you need only apply if you’re “hardcore.”

The Power Behind Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite

All ingredients in new Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite are in individual and effective dosages. That’s right, nothing is diluted down in a proprietary blend. Made to thrust your energy levels into next week, Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite contains:

Caffeine Anhydrous 270 mg–forget your morning coffee! With Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite you get an energy-kicking 270 mg’s of the “good stuff.”
Coleus Extract 250 mg–if you haven’t heard about scientifically proven Coleus Forskohlii, you’ve been living under a rock. Coleus not only gives your thyroid gland a boost so your metabolism is running at its best, but it also has the same fat-releasing effects as the ephedrine of old—without the negative hit to your central nervous system. Releasing enzymes, Coleus works in a cascading fashion, stimulating your fat cells to let go of their energy so you can finally burn off stubborn and mature fat.
Green Coffee Extract 200 mg–full of caffeine and antioxidants, this coffee extract which isn’t actually coffee works to give you an energy boost and heal your body of cellular damage.
Yohimbe 56.3 mg–some people are addicted to adrenaline, and the “rush” it gives them in energy and euphoria. Imitate that feeling with Yohimbe, for a real burst of energy–and sexual stimulation!
L-Theanine 100 mg–now you can experience the energy highs and mental focus that come from stimulants, without the negative side effects—“jags” and “jitters.”
Cocoa Extract 100 mg—contains small amounts of caffeine to increase metabolic rate and fat burning, and a wealth of antioxidants which heal your body cells. But that’s not all—Cocoa Extract has a positive effect on mood and mental focus. You’ll feel “up” and ready to take on that six mile run!

And the Results are Already In…

“Just a quick update for anyone watching this. I’m down about two pounds. I have been doing intense cardio, and was not before this, but these pills give me the energy to power through even the most intense work outs. Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite is good stuff.” ~ Steve Burns

“Day 2, and 2 capsules this time around. About 30 minutes after taking upon waking, I swallowed down some protein. After that I was set for the next 5 hours…I had no cravings and no urge to eat so I’d say that it helped in that department. As far as energy I got a bigger boost and felt great. No Euphoric feeling this time around but just a good solid clean energy. After about 5 hours or so it started to die on me. Didn’t crash but lost the boost. I’d imagine this is why its 2 caps twice daily. So tomorrow we will have to see if this holds up for a whole day.” ~Huge908

Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite Possible Negatives

Please start out slow with one pill twice a day, working up to two pills twice a day after one week. This is Muscletech’s recommendation. Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite is full of stimulants, and Yohimbe can make some users feel nauseas. If you’re hyper-sensitive to Caffeine—stay away.

Also, suffers of heart conditions and/or hypertension, or women who are pregnant or nursing should obviously not even consider a potent product like Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite!

Also Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite is not quite available yet for sale. Beta testers who received a free sample are still documenting their success or failure with Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite.

Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite Positives

Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite contains solid ingredients in good dosages, and most consumer testimonials are extremely positive.

You can pre-order Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite on select websites for only $39.99 plus S&H charges.

Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite seems to be an excellent fat burner and diet pill for the fitness enthusiast looking for an extra “edge” to achieving a rock hard, lean and tone physique.

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    Diet pills are a waste of money, don’t work, and some are actually bad for you. No pill, poiotn or supplement will help.All you need to lose weight is a good healthy diet and execise it takes time and motivation

    January 6, 2013 at 2:43 pm

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